Naked Passenger Causes Kerfuffle In A Louisiana Airport

On the night of April 3rd, a naked passenger arrived at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport and approached the Spirit Airlines ticket counter. The staff at the airport called authorities who arrived shortly after. After a bit of a kerfuffle, the passenger was arrested.

Spirit airlines A321
The passenger first approached a Spirit Airlines ticket counter. Photo: Getty

Incident at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport

A 27-year-old woman from Colorado approached the Spirit Airlines counter at the airport on Friday night. Based on a report by, the woman was not wearing any clothing which led to the staff at the airport calling the police.

Spirit Airlines ticket counter
The woman approached the Spirit Airlines ticket counter at the airport. Photo: Getty Images

By the time an officer had arrived, the woman had put on a dress. It is unclear where she got the dress. However, the dress still had not solved the problem. The woman remained in violation of public decency laws due to her dress remaining too short. In addition, the woman was not wearing any undergarments.

The airline employees informed her that she would not be able to travel given her limited clothing. Thus, she was told to leave the airport. However, the woman refused and got into a scuffle with the police officers. She was then arrested and booked for a number of offenses including obscenity, battery, and refusal to leave the airport.

Travel attire

An aircraft is a public space and, as such, passengers are subject to maintaining a standard of decency. This includes ensuring that passengers remain properly clothed and treat others with respect and decency.

It is unclear exactly why the woman arrived at the airport without any clothes. However, under no circumstances would this passenger be allowed to travel without wearing proper attire.

Naked Passenger Causes Kerfuffle In A Louisiana Airport
Aircraft are public spaces where passengers must maintain a sense of decency. Photo: Spirit Airlines

While the days of suit and dresses just for flying have passed, passengers are still expected to cover private areas and remain so during flight. However, some incidents do show that the line is a bit blurry.

An interesting week in New Orleans

It has been an interesting week at New Orleans Louis Armstrong International Airport. On Saturday, April 4th, four Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft flew into the airport to evacuate cruise ship employees.

Then, on April 8th, a Wamos Air Boeing 747 made a stop at the airport also to return crew members from cruise ships back to their homes.


Thankfully, random naked people at airports aren’t a common occurrence. It shouldn’t have to be stated but for the sake of health and safety of travelers, clothing is a requirement.

The situation on April 3rd itself could have been a case of mental illness or some kind of public statement. It’s unlikely that this was an attempt at getting through security faster! However, at this point, there has been no confirmation either way.

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