Lounge Review: Aer Lingus Business Lounge – Dublin Terminal 2

Following the launch of Aer Lingus’ new uniform yesterday, it was time to fly back to Frankfurt. Prior to departing, I decided to visit the Aer Lingus lounge in Terminal 2 at Dublin Airport. Here’s how I found it.

Aer Lingus, Lounge Dublin
The Aer Lingus Lounge in Dublin seemed fresh. Photo: Aer Lingus

Finding the lounge

Finding the lounge within Terminal 2 wasn’t too bad, although it did involve a lot of level changes. From the check-in zone, I had to ascend two escalators to reach the security checkpoint. Following security, I had to traverse the duty-free shop. I then passed through the terminal, popping to the Guinness shop. Tucked away behind this shop were three elevators. Taking one of these down two floors took me towards the lounge. After two more corridors, I finally reached the lounge.

Aer Lingus, Lounge Dublin
The entrance to the lounge. Photo: Aer Lingus


Checking in at the entrance of the lounge was an incredibly easy process. The lounge was open to an array of customers traveling with the airline. This included frequent fliers with status and business class passengers. However, upon checking in for their flight online, economy ticket holders were invited to add lounge access for €30. Today I was invited into the lounge as a guest of Aer Lingus.

Aer Lingus, Lounge, Dublin
I found a cozy area upstairs. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Initial impressions

My initial impressions of the lounge were mixed in all honesty. While the lounge has a very stylish look and feel, it also felt very compact. The lounge was long and narrow, however, it wasn’t busy. It was split into three distinct areas, the two sides on the ground floor, and another smaller area on the first floor. I would recommend exploring the upper area for a more quiet and cozy experience.

Aer Lingus, Lounge Dublin
The upstairs area had a planespotting area… Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

The lounge contained a selection of newspapers. There was also a screen or two with silent live TV on. As would be expected in an aircraft lounge, WiFi was provided. This was fast enough to use to write an article for Simple Flying. The staff in the lounge were very friendly, and happy to help when I asked if it was possible to change my seat assignment.

Aer Lingus, Lounge Dublin
…However, the blinds were closed. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Food and drink

The food and drink selection wasn’t bad prior to a short-haul flight, however, it may have felt slightly sparse before a long haul flight to the US. I had a scone accompanied by raspberry jam, as well as some cheese. Biscuits were also on offer as was a chicken broth. As is to be expected at a lounge in Dublin, Guinness was on offer, however, I was surprised and disappointed that there was no Irish cider. I settled for a vodka mixed with lemonade.

Aer Lingus, Lounge Dublin
The drinks selection was large. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

I then carried the food and drinks that I had collected upstairs to the small area that was described as a viewing terrace. I was thoroughly disappointed that all of the blinds were closed due to the setting sun. As the window was shared with the main lounge level, it was impossible to open them without affecting others. The top floor also housed a couple of showers which I did not get to use.

Aer Lingus, Lounge, Dublin
The food options were more limited. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Overall impressions

The Aer Lingus lounge was a nice way to kill an hour or so before my flight to Frankfurt. However, as nice as lounge access is, if you don’t automatically have entry, you may want to think twice before parting with €30 for the privilege of using the lounge.

Have you used the Aer Lingus lounge at Dublin’s Terminal 2? What were your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!