Low Cost Carrier Joon Introduce Family ‘Couch’ Seats

Earlier today we reported that China Southern’s new airline is our Airline Startup of the week. Now we know that an airline previously featured as Startup of the week is launching a new seating product. Joon is Air France’s low-cost airline targeted at millennials. The airline is looking to introduce a new seating product which is aimed at families travelling with younger children. The new seating mirrors what ANA are intending to include at the rear of their new A380 aircraft, and is sometimes known as “Couch Seating”.

CosyJoon will allow 4 rows of economy seating to be converted into beds for families. Photo: AirFrance

What Is Couch Seating?

Couch seating is special economy class seats where the leg room is completely removed. In the case of Joon, the headrest is removed and plugged into the bottom of the seat. A mattress is then placed on top, creating a level space. This space, akin to a cot or play mat, allows one or two children to play. Additionally, space can be used as a bed for the child. Two seats together undergo the process converting to a bed the size of 105 cm by 76 cm. The children also receive a cotton blanket. The product is available on the A340, however, only 4 rows will have the necessary modifications.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of Joon’s Skycouch, also known as CosyJoon, wildly varies depending on the time of booking, and airline status. If you have Flying Blue Silver, Gold or Platinum status, the service will be free if everybody is on the same booking, and the membership is given at the time of booking. In addition, passengers who booked a full fare flexible ticket will receive the service for free.

If you fit into neither of these categories, then you will have to pay for CosyJoon. The seat reservations are available up to 55 hours before the flight departs for a fee of €20pp. This means that if one adult is flying with two children, that will cost €60, however, for 2 adults it will come in at €80. Currently, the service is only available to one or two adults travelling with two children.

CosyJoon is only available in four rows onboard the A340. Image: Air France

If you’re not concerned about the 4 rows where this offer is available going quickly, you can take your chances. While you could miss out on the chance to use the seats, you could also receive them for free. This is because 30 hours from departure, the seats are made available for anybody to select free of charge.

What do you make of CosyJoon? Would you pay extra to use the service when flying with your children? Let us know in the comments down below!