Lufthansa’s First Boeing 777X Comes Together In The Assembly Line

Lufthansa’s first B777X is starting to take shape. Earlier today the airline shared a tweet showing the body of the aircraft is completed. While it is still over a year until the aircraft will be delivered to the airline, good progress is being made.

Lufthansa is set to be the launch customer for the B777x, having ordered 20 of the aircraft. As of December 2018, 307 B777x aircraft had been ordered by a number of airlines. Deliveries of the aircraft, which is yet to take its first flight, are set to commence next summer.

Lufthansa 777X
The first B777X for Lufthansa is starting to take shape! Photo: Lufthansa

Groundbreaking Aircraft

The B777X will be a groundbreaking aircraft, not just for Lufthansa, but for the aviation industry as a whole. The aircraft will come equipped with many revolutionary technologies. One of the biggest innovations comes on the wing. The B777X will have folding wingtips. These will allow the aircraft to reduce its wingspan on the ground while increasing it to the necessary requirements in flight.

Lufthansa will be introducing a brand new cabin with the B777X as well. The redesigned Business class cabin will offer every single passenger direct aisle access. The first 13-20 B777Xs delivered to Lufthansa will not have a first-class cabin. Something being mirrored by British Airways with their A350s. However, there is reportedly the possibility of more aircraft being ordered which would include a first-class cabin.

Lufthansa 777X
The new Lufthansa B777X business cabin. Photo: Lufthansa

A Gamble?

The first B777Xs are being constructed in advance of the aircraft receiving certification. In fact, the first flight of a B777x is still yet to take place. This is scheduled for Q2 of 2019. Back in September, Simple Flying reported that the first B777x, which will never fly, had rolled off the production line. This aircraft being constructed for Lufthansa will be used for flight testing before being delivered.

Lufthansa 777x
The Boeing 777Xs wingtip. Photo: Lufthansa

Speaking to Simple Flying, a Lufthansa representative said: Boeing is currently assembling the third 777-9 ever to be built, which will later be delivered to Lufthansa after the extensive flight tests are carried out. Lufthansa has ordered a total of 34 Boeing 777-9 aircraft, which we are looking forward to acquiring beginning in Summer 2020. Onboard the new aircraft will be our brand new Business Class seats with direct access to the aisle for each passenger and more comfort and privacy.”

They went on to add: “The 777-9 has many features that make this aircraft very unique including the long and narrow folding wings and the fact that it is the longest passenger aircraft in the world, yet consumes less kerosene than other aircraft due to the new engines and the use the carbon material.”

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Updated with statement from Lufthansa 18:06.