Lufthansa Group Order 20 Boeing 787s And 20 Airbus A350s In Huge Fleet Expansion

Today was a big day for both Airbus and Boeing in terms of orders, as the Lufthansa Group announced orders for 40 new aircraft. The airline currently has a number of four engined aircraft which it is looking to replace with the new order. The order is worth $12 billion at list prices.

According to, Lufthansa currently has 74 four-engined aircraft, including the 747 and the A380. The carrier is looking to replace these with more efficient two-engined aircraft. The news comes just weeks after British Airways confirmed it would be replacing some Boeing 747s with the new 777X aircraft.

Lufthansa 787 a350 order
Lufthansa has placed a substantial aircraft order. Photo: Lufthansa

Efficiency is king

One of the most important factors for carriers to consider is fuel efficiency. Not only are airlines worried about their environmental impact, they’re also concerned about profit. Although currently low compared to six months ago, the cost of jet fuel is predicted to rise ongoing. As such, many carriers have been looking for ways to cut fuel consumption.

One way to achieve this is through the use of modern two-engined aircraft. Indeed, the CEO and Chairman of Lufthansa Group, Carsten Spohr, said:

“By replacing four-engine planes with new models, we are laying a sustainable foundation for our future in the long run. In addition to the cost-effectiveness of the A350 and B787, the significantly lower CO2 emissions of this new generation of long-haul aircraft was also a decisive factor in our investment decision.”

Lufthansa 787 A350 order
The Lufthansa Group has ordered 20 A350 aircraft from Airbus. Photo: Lufthansa

Brand new cabins

Lufthansa has already placed an order for the Boeing 777X aircraft, which are set to be delivered with a brand new interior. This will see the aircraft sporting state-of-the-art business class seats, although they will lack first class.

It is unclear whether the aircraft ordered today will have a first class cabin. However, it’s likely that Lufthansa’s new aircraft will receive the same new business class that the 777X is getting. Lufthansa stated:

“The investment in new technology, efficiency and passenger comfort is a continuation of the ongoing fleet modernization of the group’s airlines.”

The new business class cabin in Lufthansa’s Boeing 777X will be laid out in staggered 1-1-1, 1-2-1 configuration. This will make it perfect for business travellers and couples alike.

Lufthansa 787 A350 Order
Additionally, the group has ordered 20 Boeing 787 aircraft. Photo: Lufthansa

Not just for Lufthansa

It is important to note that the new aircraft have been ordered by the Lufthansa Group, and not the airline Lufthansa. The Lufthansa Group is similar to IAG in that it owns a number of airlines. In all they own Lufthansa (the airline), SWISS, Austrian Airlines, Eurowings, Brussels Airlines, and SunExpress.

Lufthansa 787 A350 Order
This press image indicates that some aircraft will likely end up operating for SWISS and Austrian. Photo: Lufthansa

It appears as though some of the new aircraft will be destined for both SWISS and Austrian given a press photos released, although Lufthansa is unable to confirm which aircraft will be based where at this point in time.

How do you think the new aircraft will be distributed across the Lufthansa Group? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Fleet renewal for the Lufthansa group, likely split among the different airlines. … 1. Lufthansa was mentioning months ago the replacement of 20 A340 with whether the A350 or the B787. To me, it is likely that the A350 will replace the A340-300. There are still 5 A340-300 at Swiss (15 y.o.) and 15 in the fleet of Lufthansa (19.5 y.o.) 2. The B777-9 already ordered (20) should replace the B747-400 and the 6 A380 sold to Airbus. 3. There are 20 B787 remaining. To me, the most urgent replacement seems to be the Austrian fleet, 6 B767 (23 y.o.)… Read more »


John. Replacing the A340-300 at swiss with the B787 will help them streamline to an all boeing wide body fleet in Swiss and Austrian. All the A350 will likely stay with Lufthansa to replace their A340-300/600 and for expansion of new routes.


They still have the A330 in the fleet ! The training of the pilots and crews that are on the A340 will be cheaper from the A340 to the A350 ! Today they have a fleet of 10 B777 and 19 A330 & A340… So in that sense, Airbus or Boeing doesn’t really matter because on one side or the other, there is already commonality. But in reality, the A350 makes more sense for commonality reasons. Swiss has pilots divided in two syndicates. The 2 are the ones which are originally from Swissair on one side, and Crossair on the… Read more »


Can we stop talking about list prices on aircraft? Everyone knows that airlines pay around 50% give or take depending on the size of the order and how desperate that manufacturer is to make the sale. T Saying it’s worth around 12 billion at list prices is really worthless.


And here we talk about even less than 50% paid, as Boeing is looking for airlines to order the B777 to not interrupt the production of this type until the B777X arrives. That’s why Swiss ordered first 6 B777, a second batch for 3 B777, a third for 1 B777 and a fourth for 2 B777 for a total of 12 B777.

Aircraft Lover

I personally love Lufthansa Group
I think Lufthansa is one of the great Airlines of the World
The new, fuel-efficient, and high-tech, B-787 and A-350 are perfect to simplify their long-haul aircraft fleets