Lufthansa To Offer A340 Widebody Flights On Multiple European Routes

Following yesterday’s excitement surrounding the Lufthansa A340, the airline has confirmed additional widebody routes in Europe for the summer schedule. Simple Flying can confirm that the Airbus A330 and A340 will serve Dublin (DUB), Lisbon (LIS), Vienna (VIE) and Cairo (CAI).

Lufthansa A340 widebody
Lufthansa is set to replace A320s with widebody aircraft on four routes this summer. Photo: Lufthansa

This will surely come as exciting news to those looking to fly on a widebody without the cost of a long haul flight. Standard short-haul fares are being offered on these flights with some surprise added bonuses. In fact, there is a small chance of business passengers even experiencing first class!

Why the widebody?

Lufthansa told Simple Flying,

“Due to operational reasons Lufthansa will operate between July and October 2019 a long haul aircraft on a few flights within continental Europe.” 

It seems as though Lufthansa is expecting some heavy passenger loads on these routes during the summer period. While it seems odd that every Wednesday a huge haul of passengers will travel between Dublin and Frankfurt, some on Twitter have suggested that a tour operator will utilise the service. In fact, the substitutions were first spotted on Twitter by @IrishAero.

The high passenger load argument made by Lufthansa makes sense. The routes being substituted are typically operated using aircraft from the A320 family. Lufthansa operates the A319, A320, and A321, including some of their neo variants. These will hold between 126 passengers and 199 passengers.

Lufthansa will be operating both the A330 and A340 on these routes on select flights. These aircraft carry between 216 and 298 passengers depending on type and configuration.

Lufthansa To Offer A340 Widebody Flights On Multiple European Routes
The A340 and A330 will allow economy passengers to secure free premium upgrades for short haul prices. Photo: Lufthansa

Where will they fly?

Lufthansa told Simple Flying,

“Airbus A330 and A340 aircraft will operate on a few selected flights with high demand all from Frankfurt to Dublin (DUB), Lisbon (LIS), Vienna (VIE) and on the intercontinental route Cairo (CAI). These aircraft will replace the usual continental A320 fleet.” 

The Lufthansa flights in Europe and beyond to be substituted include:

  • Between Frankfurt and Dublin, an Airbus A340 will operate LH978 and LH979 on Wednesdays from July 3rd.
  • From Frankfurt to Lisbon, An Airbus A340 will operate LH1168 and LH1169 on Mondays and Tuesdays from July the 1st.
  • Frankfurt to Vienna will be served by an Airbus A340 from July 1st. The aircraft will be seen on LH1232 and LH1233, again on Mondays and Tuesdays
  • Between Frankfurt and Cairo, an Airbus A330 will serve LH582 and LH583 daily from July 1st.
Lufthansa Widebody Map
Lufthansa will operate widebody aircraft in place of the A320 on four routes this summer. Photo: GCMaps

Cabin experience

Depending on the class booked, passengers will be able to experience a huge upgrade to cabin experience. But the best thing? This comes at no extra cost! Each of the Lufthansa widebody aircraft being utilised has at least three cabins, while some have four. Despite this, Lufthansa is only selling the flights with two cabins.

Indeed, all passengers will be able to benefit from the aircraft change. Starting with economy, passengers will be able to select a seat in the premium economy cabin for no additional charge. In fact, Lufthansa told us,

“Economy Class passengers can also fly in Premium Economy seats at no extra charge, these seats are also available for pre-reservations.”

However, business passengers will get the same perk on flights operated by the A340-600 with the airline adding,

“The same applies to Business Class passengers flying on Airbus A340-600, who can also reserve seats in First Class with their tickets.” 

To take advantage of this you will have to be quick. A number of the A340-600 services already had a fully reserved first cabin when Simple Flying looked.

Lufthansa A340 Booking
The first class cabin is already fully booked on some Lufthansa A340-600 short haul flights. Source: Lufthansa

Business class passengers, regardless of whether they sit in First or Business, will be able to take advantage of seats with a long-haul recline. This is a chance for those unable to fly long haul to experience first class at a serious price cut, as Lufthansa says,

“The fares and booking classes remain unchanged.”

In fact, the only downside is that only the hard product will change. The soft product will remain as it is on the A320 family.

Will you be taking advantage of the Lufthansa A340 in Europe? Let us know in the comments!