Lufthansa Set To Fly An Airbus A350 To Fiji From Munich

Lufthansa had plans to fly one of its Airbus A350-900s from Germany to Fiji in the near future. At least it did as of earlier today. The airline was scheduled to operate a repatriation flight to the pacific island nation from Munich. However, within the last few hours, the flight was canceled. We’re waiting to see if and when this journey will actually take place…

An Airbus A350 was selected to make the journey to the pacific island nation of Fiji. Source: Airbus

The journey

The journey was supposed to see an Airbus A350-900 with registration D-AIXJ, operate a flight from Munich (MUC) to Fiji (NAN) via Guam (GUM). The flight number was to be LH9852F according to Aeronews. However, at roughly 14:00 UTC we received news that the flight was canceled. It’s unclear what the reason was for canceling the flight.

According to, the flight would have been 10,390 miles.

Lufthansa Set To Fly An Airbus A350 To Fiji From Munich
The flight would go from Munich to Nadi International Airport in Fiji, via the US territory of Guam. Photo:

The journey would have been somewhat similar to that of its recent repatriation flight out of Frankfurt to Auckland via Tokyo, or Austrian Airlines’ recent repatriation flight launching from Vienna to Sydney. The unique aspect of Austrian Airlines’ journey was that the outbound flight was the airline’s longest non-stop journey in company history. The 17-hour flight from covered a distance of over 9,941 miles.

With Lufthansa’s Frankfurt-Auckland flight, the Boeing 747-400 spent more than 20 hours flying en route to its destination. In fact, the jumbo jet spent about two hours on the ground in Tokyo on its way towards the southern hemisphere. The total journey time was just under 24 hours.

Lufthansa Set To Fly An Airbus A350 To Fiji From Munich
It’s quite rare to see a Lufthansa aircraft anywhere in the South Pacific. The Boeing 747-400 was in Auckland on a repatriation mission, returning stranded German nationals back to Germany. Photo: Getty Images

“These past few days Lufthansa has already carried out numerous repatriation flights and we are planning many additional ones in cooperation with respective governments…If you are currently still abroad and would like to come home, please contact your local embassies or foreign offices as quickly as possible.” -Lufthansa website

More repatriation flights to come

It’s possible the canceled flight to Fiji will be compensated by ferrying passengers from Fiji to New Zealand as there are numerous Lufthansa flights scheduled to still go there.

On the list provided, it appears that Lufthansa has nine more flights to New Zealand planned. Five will head to the nation’s largest city of Auckland, while four will go to New Zealand’s second-largest city of Christchurch. The number of flights to New Zealand demonstrates just how many Germans are stranded in the region.

While it is unknown where these flights will stop to refuel on the outbound journey, Lufthansa lists Bangkok, Thailand as the stopover on the way back to Germany. Thailand is another popular destination for German tourists.

Germans interested in repatriation flights can view Lufthansa’s schedule on the airline’s website. However, booking for these flights appears to be done through a government portal. The website is the central registration service for repatriation efforts.

If you’ve been on a repatriation flight recently, share your experience with us by leaving a comment!