New Lufthansa & You A350 Livery To Debut On Los Angeles Route

German flag carrier Lufthansa has applied a special livery to its second youngest Airbus A350. The aircraft, wearing the “Lufthansa & You” livery, will be flown from the airline’s Frankfurt home to Los Angeles International Airport as flight LH456 tomorrow morning.

Lufthansa, Airbus A350, Special Livery
The new Lufthansa & You livery. Photo: Lufthansa News via Twitter

Lufthansa is quite fond of its special liveries. From the Die Maus Airbus A321, all the way to the retro Boeing 747-8, the airline has a range of retro liveries, alongside message liveries and other commemorative paint schemes. Now, another message livery has joined the party, its first to appear on a Lufthansa Airbus A350.

Lufthansa & You

It’s not entirely clear what the Lufthansa & You livery is intended to represent. Lufthansa was pretty vague in introducing it on its news Twitter feed. However, it is accompanied by the slogan #TogetherAgain, suggesting that it is to do with welcoming passengers back onboard following the impacts of the ongoing COVID-19. A Lufthansa spokesperson told Simple Flying,

“The Lufthansa & You aircraft’s livery is part of a marketing campaign that officially launches July 19 and signals: Lufthansa and Lufthanseats are looking forward to connecting more people, cultures and economies again – after not being able to do so enough for a long period.”

The special livery was placed on the airline’s second youngest Airbus A350, D-AIXP. The aircraft was delivered to Lufthansa on February 29th last year. With the first flight on January 31st last year, the aircraft clocks in at 1.41 years old, according to data from

Lufthansa, Falkland Islands, Airbus A350
The aircraft made Lufthansa history with its Falkland Islands trip earlier this year. Photo: Lufthansa

D-AIXP is known as a record-breaking aircraft in the Lufthansa fleet. Earlier this year, the aircraft operated the airline’s longest flight to date, non-stop from Hamburg to the Falkland Islands. The record was broken again by a second flight on the route.

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To Los Angeles tomorrow

Tomorrow, the aircraft will make its debut with the Lufthansa & You livery. The aircraft is scheduled to operate LH459 from Frankfurt Airport (FRA) to Los Angeles International (LAX). According to, the aircraft is set to leave its temporary Frankfurt home at 10:20, though it is expected to depart at 10:30.

The plane is meant to touch down in Los Angeles at 13:05. Following the 5053 nautical mile flight, it is currently expected to touch down after 12 hours and eight minutes at 13:38.

Lufthansa, Airbus A350, Special Livery
Tomorrow the aircraft will take its first flight in the new livery to Los Angeles. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

Exciting things planned for the Airbus A350

Lufthansa has exciting things planned for the future of the Airbus A350 fleet. As mentioned, Frankfurt is just a temporary home for some of the Airbus A350 fleet, given the current impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The airline’s long-term plan sees the Airbus A350 based solely in Munich. The airline’s next A350 delivery isn’t planned until 2023. However, it will be the first of the type in the Lufthansa fleet to feature a first class cabin when it does finally arrive. This will allow the aircraft to begin replacing the airline’s five remaining Airbus A340-600s.

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