Lufthansa Group Cements Its Position As New Berlin Airport Leader

The Lufthansa Group has cemented itself as the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport’s market leader following its first month of operation. Across all group airlines, 650 flights were operated at the German capital city’s new airport.

Lufthansa, Eurowings, Berlin Brandenburg Airport
The Lufthansa Group accounted for 38% of flights in Berlin Brandenburg’s first month of operation. Photo: Getty Images

Many were shocked that Berlin Brandenburg Airport finally opened at the end of October. The airport had become an embarrassment to the city following delay after delay, including escalators that were too short. In the end, it opened some nine years after initially planned. However, now it is the city’s only airport, used by full-service and low-cost carriers from around the world.

Germany’s flag carrier comes out on top

As Germany’s flag carrier, Lufthansa was always going to want to be the market leader in Berlin. However, while the Lufthansa Group is on top, Lufthansa itself only flies from Berlin Brandenburg to Frankfurt and Munich.

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As a whole, the Lufthansa Group operated 650 departures and arrivals at the airport, named Willy Brandt Airport after a former German Chancellor. This came from 1,700 arrivals and departures, giving the German airline group a 38% share. Of these 650 movements, Eurowings operated more than any other Group airline with around 300 flights. Clearly, Eurowings has big plans for December, as this is expected to rise to 1,200 by the end of the year.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport, easyJet, Lufthansa
Berlin’s new Brandenburg Airport has finally opened on October 31st after a decade long delay. Photo: Getty Images

Five of the Lufthansa Group airlines are currently serving Pier North in the airport’s new Terminal 1. These are Lufthansa, Eurowings, Brussels Airlines, SWISS, and Austrian Airlines. However, little sister Air Dolomiti will also be serving the airport in its summer 2021 schedule.

Commenting on its success at the new airport, Lufthansa’s Harry Hohmeister said,

“The Lufthansa Group airlines connect the German capital reliably and safely with the world… We will remain a partner to the region in the future and will expand our services from Berlin as soon as possible after the crisis has ended, because we know that the longing to travel is great.”

How has BER’s first month gone?

It seems that after nine years in the making, the opening of the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport has gone without any significant issues. Unlike most airport openings, flights were slowly transitioned to the new airport over a week, rather than overnight.

Berling Tegel Airport, Air France, Airport Closure
Lufthansa was one of the last airlines to leave the city’s old Tegel Airport. Photo: Günter Wicker / BER

The airport also has the advantage of the current crisis, as operations can commence with lower flight frequencies and passenger demand. However, this is a double-edged sword. While the lower traffic makes it easier to open the airport, it also makes it harder to sustain. As a result, the airport is faced with closing its brand new runway less than a month after it was opened.

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