Date Set For Former Lufthansa Boeing 707 Part Auctions

A date has now been set for the auction of parts from two Boeing 707s that used to wear the Lufthansa livery. Parts from D-ABOD, and D-ABOC (which really flew for El Al as 4X-ATB), will be listed for sale from late next week, with the auctions lasting a month.

Lufthansa, Boeing 707, Scrapped
Parts of two Boeing 707s are set to go on sale next week. Photo: Getty Images

Despite a campaign to save a Boeing 707 formerly flown by Lufthansa, the Hamburg-based D-ABOD was scrapped earlier this year. Around the same time, another Boeing 707 from Tegel airport in Berlin was being taken apart following the airport’s closure. Now parts from both of the aircraft are due to be sold.

Auction dates set

Dechow, administering the auction of parts from D-ABOD and the aircraft formerly painted as D-ABOC, has revealed that the auction of pieces from the two jets will start next week. Fragments from the planes will be on sale from noon on Friday, September 24th, with the sale ending on Sunday, October 24th at 15:00.

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A detailed list of all parts available to bid on is yet to be released by Dechow. Despite this, we do have an idea of what may be available to buy. Footage of the parts in storage shows engines, engine parts, cockpits, interior seats, and more available.

No items will have reserve prices, meaning that everything will go to the highest bidder when the auction ends. Alongside the Boeing 707s, parts from newer aircraft are also on offer, such as Recaro seats and a cutaway model of a jet engine.

About the aircraft for sale

The highlights of the auction are two Boeing 707 aircraft that both wore the Lufthansa livery. Despite this, only one actually flew in that livery: D-ABOD.

According to data obtained from AeroTransport Data Bank (, D-ABOD was delivered to Lufthansa in April 1960. The aircraft was initially used for passenger flights before becoming a trainer for Lufthansa Technik workers. Lufthansa then sold it to Hamburg Airport for €1, where it was used in film work and as a museum piece. The aircraft clocked 59,024 flight hours across 20783 flights with Lufthansa.

Lufthansa, Boeing 707, Auction
While looking stunning by a roundabout, ‘D-ABOC’ fell into a state of disrepair. Photo: Getty Images

The second aircraft up for sale was scrapped in the Lufthansa color scheme of D-ABOC. However, the jet never flew in these colors. Instead, it was delivered to El Al in June 1961. The plane was twice leased out to Arkia before El Al returned it to Boeing in September 1986. After two months, Boeing gave the jet as a gift, and it was positioned at Tegel Airport, at one point occupying a roundabout.

In recent years, the plane was left to decay at the edge of the airport, and once Tegel closed, it was scrapped. This jet saw slightly more usage but fewer trips than D-ABOD with 66,430 flight hours across 20352 flights.

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