Lufthansa Planning For Boeing 777X Delay

Lufthansa is planning for potential delays to the Boeing 777X program. The reveal of the aircraft was postponed in the wake of the Boeing 737 MAX crisis. Boeing had hoped to show off the aircraft at the Paris Airshow, according to reports.

Lufthansa Boeing 777X Delay
Lufthansa is expecting to receive the Boeing 777X in 2020 despite no test flights having taken place. Photo: Lufthansa

The Boeing 777X is the most hotly anticipated new aircraft right now. Of course, the Boeing 797 is also keenly anticipated, but Boeing is yet to formally announce the program. Despite being revealed to Boeing employees privately, the 777X is yet to take its first flight, although this is targeted for late June. As such, it won’t be present at the Paris Airshow as planned.

Lufthansa planning for delay

According to CH-Aviation, Lufthansa is planning for a delay to the Boeing 777X program. Lufthansa is the launch customer for the aircraft and as such, Boeing is currently constructing the airline’s first aircraft of the type. The 777X will have folding wingtips and will debut a new business class cabin for the German flag carrier.

Lufthansa Boeing 777X Delay
Lufthansa’s first Boeing 777X is already taking shape on the Boeing production line. Photo: Lufthansa

According to Reuters, Boeing declined to comment on the schedule for the 777X program. However, the aircraft’s first flight is targeted for the 26th of June. Simple Flying spoke to a representative of Lufthansa regarding the delay to the aircraft, who told us:

“At the moment we are not aware of the postponement of the delivery schedule of the 777X, but as a large airline we can of course react flexibly to such situations.”

However, according to the Latin America Herald Tribune, Lufthansa is planning to keep Boeing 747-400 aircraft in service in case of a delay. The less efficient aircraft would cost the airline additional fuel, as Lufthansa previously told us that the Boeing 777X consumes less kerosene than other aircraft due to the new engines and the use of carbon material”

Emirates also planning

According to the Wall Street Journal, Emirates is also planning for the aircraft’s entry into service being delayed. Despite not being the launch customer, Emirates is the aircraft’s largest customer with 150 Boeing 777X aircraft on order. The Middle Eastern carrier had been expecting their first aircraft of the type in June 2020.

Lufthansa Boeing 777X Delay
Emirates may have to keep the Boeing 777-300 in service longer following any delay to the 777X program. Photo: Emirates

It seems as though Boeing is confident with their aircraft. Indeed, BizJournals quotes Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg as saying,

“We’re marching through that set of integrated tests and the airplane is performing very well. It’s a very clean airplane.”

June first flight

Boeing has reportedly scheduled the first flight of the 777X for June 26th. This will be a huge step in the overall program, as any first flight always is. As long as no problems are identified on this flight, the program should be able to progress further.

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