Union Calls Two Days Of Lufthansa Cabin Crew Strikes This Week

Lufthansa’s operations could be thrown into chaos later this week as the UFO cabin crew union has called for two days of strikes. The news comes after a similar strike due to be held last month was called off.

Lufthansa, Strike, Cabin Crew
Lufthansa staff could go on strike on Thursday and Friday. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

The UFO cabin crew union claims to represent Lufthansa cabin crew. However, Lufthansa has a problem with this. The airline believes the union is not entitled to represent its staff. As a consequence, Lufthansa believes that any such strike action would, in fact, be illegal. The UFO union has called for 48 hours of strike action to take place on Thursday and Friday. The Airline has strongly condemned the call to strike.

Why strike?

The UFO cabin crew union believes that its members deserve a pay rise of 1.8%. In fact, the union’s leader claimed, “Nobody will think it’s indecent that in times of record profits we are calling for agreed settlements or a 1.8% salary increase”.

The union is unhappy with the rate of pay of cabin crew at Lufthansa. However, this doesn’t just concern Lufthansa’s mainline staff. While the previously announced Lufthansa strike was canceled, UFO members of other Lufthansa owned airlines did go on strike instead.

Strikes Thursday and Friday

Lufthansa cabin crew could take industrial action later this week. The German cabin crew union known as UFO has called on its members to walk out for 48 hours on Thursday and Friday. Lufthansa cabin crew will walk out from 00:00 on Thursday morning, returning to work at 24:00 on Friday evening.

Lufthansa, Strike, Cabin Crew
The UFO union has called for a 48-hour walkout. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

In addition, cabin crew have been invited to march in protest at Frankfurt on Friday. Between 11:00 and 12:00, staff will march from gate 20 at the airport to the Lufthansa Aviation Center. As such, if the strike goes ahead, at least some flights are likely to be affected. Lufthansa has warned that all flights to and from Germany operated by the airline could be affected.

Will my flight be affected?

If you have a Lufthansa flight booked to operated departing or arriving into Germany on Thursday or Friday, then it could be delayed or canceled. After all, the aircraft are unable to operate with passengers without cabin crew.

Lufthansa is looking at the legal steps which it could take to halt any strikes from taking place. The airline is also preparing a special schedule in case the strike does go ahead. However, the airline has also invited the UFO to talks commencing in February.

Lufthansa, Strike, Cabin Crew
Lufthansa is investigating legal action it can take to avoid a strike. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Simple Flying contacted Lufthansa for comment. Their representative told us:

“We are examining legal steps to prevent the strike from taking place. We sincerely apologize to all passengers for this inconvenience. We are currently working at full speed on an alternative flight schedule for Thursday and Friday. This call to strike is not acceptable to us.

They went on to add: “Today at noon, we offered UFO the opportunity to enter into negotiations starting February 15, after they undergo a legally binding re-alignment of their Management Board on February 14 (date according to UFO). Prior to this meeting, we will also be available to UFO for preliminary consultation in preparation for this hearing.

“Our interest remains in reaching an agreement with a reliable and strong trade union. We need solutions for the urgent issues that concern our cabin crew, but strikes are not the right way.”

Are you due to fly with Lufthansa on Thursday or Friday? Do you support the union or the airline? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!