Lufthansa CityLine E190 Business Class Review – Zurich To Frankfurt

The next stop after arriving in Zurich was Frankfurt. This flight was operated by Lufthansa Cityline’s regional E190 jet. For a short-haul flight, this was an incredible experience that left me impressed. My journey from Zurich to Frankfurt was short, but remarkably sweet.

Lufthansa Cityline business class
Lufthansa Cityline’s business class was remarkably short and sweet. Photo: Jay Singh/Simple Flying


This flight was part of my 105,000 Aeroplan redemption from Los Angeles to Johannesburg. My flight priced out higher than their award chart, because one leg was in Lufthansa’s First Class.

If you’re booking a one-way business class flight, it will set you back around $500 minimum. This is one expensive short-haul flight and, unless it is part of a connecting itinerary, exploring other options such as trains might be better value for your money.

Airport experience

I waited for my flight in the Swiss Business Class departure lounge at the “A” gates. The lounge was relatively small, but spread across three floors. I spent most of the time working in the top floor quiet zone, although some passengers ignored the no phone call rule.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad place to wait for a flight. However, if you have a short layover, you’re probably better off exploring the terminal.

Boarding wasn’t really announced. Instead, the gate agent removed the barrier from the boarding queue and started accepting boarding passes. My flight departed from an airport stand, so we were bussed from the terminal to the aircraft. All passengers fitted onto one bus and we were underway quickly. From scanning passes to being driven to the terminal, the entire process took less than 20 minutes.


I was greeted by an ecstatic flight attendant who welcomed each passenger onboard with a bag of pretzels. Pretzels in hand, I made my way to seat 4F and settled in. Intra-European business class, it’s just an economy seat with the seat next to you blocked off. In some cases, you’ll have an official barrier while in others, the flight attendant will simply block it off with a covering.

Business class covering
Business class seats were economy seats with one seat blocked. Photo: Jay Singh/Simple Flying

Rows one through four had an official barrier on the seat next to it. Meanwhile, the rest of business class could be adjusted for a larger or smaller cabin. Business class on this flight spanned from rows 1 through 11. This meant that there were a total of 22 passengers occupying 44 seats.

Since the seat was a slimline economy seat, it wasn’t very well padded. For a 40-minute flight, it wasn’t that big of a deal. However, for a longer flight, I wouldn’t have been very comfortable. The legroom, again, was fine for this short of a flight. But on a longer flight, I would’ve wanted some more room to stretch out.

Lufthansa business class legroom
Lufthansa Cityline business class is a little slim on legroom, but for a short-haul flight, it wasn’t terribly problematic. Photo: Jay Singh/Simple Flying


Shortly after settling in, a flight attendant offered me a pillow. The seat was slim and not well-padded. Thus, the pillow was a welcome relief.

Lufthansa cityline business class pillow
The pillow was plush and helped add some plushness to the seat. Photo: Jay Singh/Simple Flying

No other amenities were available on this flight.


I received a packet of pretzels while boarding. My initial assumption was that, other than this, the only service that I would get was perhaps a drink service.

Lufthansa CityLine E190 Business Class Review – Zurich To Frankfurt
Lufthansa Cityline pretzels. Photo: Jay Singh/Simple Flying

Just before we started our taxi, a flight attendant offered a glass of water. I absolutely love the Lufthansa branding.

Glass of water
Business class passengers were offered a glass of water. Photo: Jay Singh/Simple Flying

However, once we were airborne and the seatbelt sign was turned off, the flight attendants sprung into action. Each passenger was given a small snack and a drink.

Business class snack
Lufthansa Cityline snack. Photo: Jay Singh/Simple Flying

The snack was the perfect size for between meals. Surprisingly, the finger sandwich was utterly fantastic. In addition, the smoked salmon was equally wonderful. In retrospect, a good chunk of the fantastic taste was likely a result of my excitement at receiving a proper snack. The dessert cake was flaky and light. In addition, the sauce it sat upon was creamy and not too sweet.

The highlight, however, were the chocolate truffles.

Chocolate truffles
Lufthansa Cityline truffles.
Lufthansa CityLine E190 Business Class Review – Zurich To Frankfurt
Some information about the truffles. Photo: Jay Singh/Simple Flying

Cabin crew

This crew was very attentive and very quick to service. I had some nice conversations with them, and they excelled for a short-haul flight. Clearly, they enjoyed their job and actually seemed glad to be working. Overall, it made the short-haul much more pleasant and had me wishing I could do it all again!


I was very surprised and very pleased at this flight. From the meal service to the cabin crew, they exceeded my expectations. I only wish this kind of service was the norm on short-haul flights in the United States as well.

I would likely never take this as a stand-alone flight. Rather, if I were to have this flight again, it would be part of a connecting itinerary.

Have you flown Lufthansa Cityline? Would you fly Lufthansa Cityline? Let us know in the comments below!