Lufthansa Cityline Flight Attendants Jobs Secured By Union Vote

According to the UFO union, Lufthansa Cityline flight attendants have voted for the acceptance of collective COVID-19 crisis agreements. The union revealed that as part of the deal, such employees are protected against dismissal until December 2021.

Lufthansa Cityline, Cabin Crew, Safeguard jobs
Lufthansa Cityline cabin crew have voted to approve measures that will safeguard jobs. Photo: Lufthansa

Many airlines have been forced to make some tough decisions as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. For some, this has meant furloughing staff and pay cuts. However, sadly for others, this has meant job losses. Last year Lufthansa revealed that up to 26,000 jobs could be at risk due to the pandemic. Since then, several groups have agreed to measures to safeguard jobs.

UFO votes in favor of saving jobs

The Unabhängige Flugbegleiter Organisation (UFO) union represents flight attendants in Germany. Today, the union announced that its members had voted to approve a deal that will safeguard Lufthansa Cityline cabin crew’s jobs until at least the end of 2021.

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According to the union, 91.06% of those who voted on the measure voted to approve them. This will mean that employees get less pay. However, it also guarantees their jobs. Employees will give up vacation pay, pay raises, and a “13th salary”.

Lufthansa, Boeing 747-8, Runway Parking
The pandemic has deeply impacted Lufthansa’s operations. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Commenting on the agreement (translated from German), Rainer Bauer, Head of Collective Agreements at the union, shared the following in a statement,

“We are very pleased to have reached a security agreement for our colleagues in the CityLine cabin, the great approval of our members is a great sign of unity and solidarity in these uncertain times.”

Simple Flying has contacted a Lufthansa spokesperson for comment.

Not the first employee agreement

This is not the first agreement agreed upon with Lufthansa staff to safeguard jobs at the airline. On November 5th, Simple Flying revealed that Lufthansa had 1,100 surplus pilots. In December, it was revealed that 5,000 pilot jobs had been saved thanks to cost-cutting measures agrees with the pilot’s union.

The UFO union also came to an agreement with Lufthansa regarding the main airline’s cabin crew. In June, it was reported that each of the airline’s cabin crew would be safe from redundancy thanks to the deal. That deal came 12 hours before the airline’s shareholders voted to approve a €9 billion ($10.9 billion) loan from the German Government.

Lufthansa Cityline, Cabin Crew, Safeguard jobs
The UFO also reached an agreement for mainline pilots. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

The UFO union and Lufthansa haven’t always seen eye to eye. In late 2019, the group instructed up to 30,000 cabin crew members to go on strike leading to the aircraft having to cancel 700 flights. The union at the time was campaigning for a 1.8% pay increase.

However, in early October 2019, a Lufthansa spokesperson told Simple Flying,

“Lufthansa continues to believe that the union UFO in its current state is not entitled to represent Lufthansa Staff nor participate in collective bargaining. Strikes would therefore be illegal from Lufthansa’s point of view.” 

Since then, Lufthansa has begun to recognize the union.

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