Coming Soon: Lufthansa’s First Boeing 777X – It’s Stunning!

Lufthansa is set to receive its first, and indeed the world’s first, Boeing 777X next year. The aircraft has just been registered (tail number D-ABTA) and will soon be flying as part of the Boeing 777X testing.

Lufthansa Boeing 777X. Photo: Lufthansa

What are the details

Lufthansa is set to be the European launch partner of the new Boeing 777-9 (both the 777-8 and 777-9 are referred to as the 777X program). The 777X is the latest and greatest Boeing aircraft and will be its passenger airframe available since the decline of orders for the Boeing 747 (although a comeback isn’t ruled out).

The 777-9 will have the following stats:

  • Range: 7,285 nmi / 13,500 km
  • Passenger capacity: 400 seats. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly the configuration mix between business, premium economy and economy seats, but you would expect around 40-50 business class seats and the rest Y class.

The aircraft also has technology lifted from the successful 787 series as well as the classic Boeing 777. Bigger windows, bigger overhead bins and powerful, quiet engines are all features for this aircraft. Most notable are its folding wingtips to support the bigger airframe which fold up when the plane is approaching the terminal.

777x engine
The GE9X engine that will power the Lufthansa 777X. Photo: Dan Nevill via Wikimedia Commons

As reported by Aeronews, the livery and the new interior of the Lufthansa 777X looks fantastic:

“With the selection of the modern and highly efficient Boeing 777X for its long-haul fleet, Lufthansa will once again be a launch customer for a new Boeing aircraft program. Together, Lufthansa and Boeing are continuously working on making aviation more efficient, as they are reducing the impact of aviation on the environment.”Boeing Press Release

The aircraft has even appeared on Flight Radar 24 (a global aircraft tracking site), although it’s a bit light on the details and doesn’t actually have the right photo of the aircraft!

The 777X already has an entry, the first 777X to do so. Photo: Flight Radar 24

What is the new business class like?

The 777x will be the first in the Lufthansa fleet to feature the new business class.

The business class of the Lufthansa 777X. Photo: Lufthansa

It is very different from what you would expect. Unlike other cabins that feature a 2-2-2 or 1-2-1 reverse herringbone, Lufthansa will have an alternative 1-2-1 to 1-1-1 seat configuration. This will mean more room per passenger and every alternate row will have a throne seat with access to two aisles (talk about decadent). The seats don’t appear to have privacy screens; perhaps they are going for a more social experience like Virgin.

Another render of the new Lufthansa 777X business class. Photo: Lufthansa

We should also mention that the aircraft will feature Lufthansa’s premium economy seats, which will appear onboard SWISS’ Boeing 777-300 aircraft first.

Lufthansa Boeing 777X premium economy
The new premium economy cabin was revealed at the airline’s Capital Markets Day held in Frankfurt. Photo: Lufthansa

Is Lufthansa happy with the order?

Alas, it hasn’t been plain sailing for the 777X. The aircraft has been hit with delay after delay, from issues with the GE9X engines to an explosive failure during a pressure test. These problems have forced Lufthansa to reconsider if the aircraft would be ready for its fleet plans in 2020.

“In the third quarter of 2019, as part of new aircraft orders, the 14 B777 orders were contractually converted into options for which it is no longer sufficiently certain whether they will be exercised in the future.” – Lufthansa Statement

Emirates also showed a degree of caution, moving some of its orders away from the 777X and onto the smaller Boeing 787 during the Dubai Air Show.

But other airlines don’t seem to be too worried. The Boeing 777X is setting up to be one of the most popular widebodies in operation in the world, with currently over 300 initial orders:

Initial dateCustomerCombined orders
November 17, 2013Lufthansa20
November 17, 2013Etihad Airways6
December 20, 2013Cathay Pacific21
July 8, 2014Emirates115
July 16, 2014Qatar Airways60
July 31, 2014All Nippon Airways20
June 4, 2015Unidentified customer(s)10
June 23, 2017Singapore Airlines20
February 28, 2019British Airways18

Some of these orders may have changed since they were made.

What do you think about all these orders? Will you fly onboard the Boeing 777X? let us know in the comments.


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I was just wondering whether the 400 seats is the specific total number of seats Lufthansa’s 777-9Xs will have, or whether that’s just the typical number of seats estimated by the manufacturer?


“Coming soon” .. and .. “airlines do not expect their aircraft before 2022” seems rather incompatible to me. A rather plain blue tail and a white fuselage aren’t exciting me, nor is the business class with its throne seat if you can get it or more to the point the disappointment getting the middle aisle seats with less room and less privacy than all the rest. With the 777X test showing an enormous split around the cargo door is Boeing going to fix that? I don’t think I’ll be flying in one of these birds anytime soon.


A door blowing off during a pressure test? I believe the entire fuselage ripped open. And what did Boeing do to fix that issue? Nothing probably. Since it takes two fatal crashes before an aircraft is grounded, why should they worry now?


With the problems already mentioned such as a door blowing off and the entire fuselage ripped open we will leave flying with any airline that has the 777 X a miss, we have not read or heard that the presure test problems have been resolved and fixed


I still miss the old livery. The new livery looks cheap and uninspired. I’m sure the new jets will look great on the inside, though.

Andrew Boydston

Serious problems surrounding Boeing progress, the 777x is its hold card so 2022 is a good time to start commercial delivery as it will please the traveling world without mishap as a feature. Yes, it will take longer to bring it to market but the result should return Boeing to the forefront on aviation and travel.

Nasir Israr

Etihad has 6 orders only for the Boeing 777X not 25. Correct that mistake.


People critizing the pressure test are about as ignorant as can be. The test is designed to put pressure well above maximum load to look for any areas that need strengthening. The test worked as designed. As fir the 777x. If LH makes it as miserable in coach as they did with the Swiss product, it is a plane I will avoid.


I completely echo Ronnie’s comment…..
“Coming soon” .. and .. “airlines do not expect their aircraft before 2022” seems rather incompatible to me. ?

I read it & was wondering whether Lufthansa were going to get one of the pre-production models to fly-in some kind of ‘mock’ service schedule.?

The massive rip in the fuselage will set the already much-delayed debut, back even further.
Even 2022 is still looking mildly optimistic


400 is actually a little low for a 777-9.


IF the aircraft enters service in 2022, then expect more cancellations, as it will have been way more late than expected.

Fernando Aguilar

The aircraft may be fine, but I see a major problem in its maintenance, with engines that cannot be transported in any of the aircraft currently in service, only by the Antonov An-124,
How will companies do when they need to replace an engine?
How do you have the “problems” of the A2B airBaltic engine ………


Must admit I am a bit apprehensive of flying the 777x in future. Somehow Boeing doesn’t inspire confidence


Two comments/questions regarding the LH 777-9. 1. Will the premium economy cabin have dedicated toilets & 2. Will the economy seating be 9 abreast😄👍or high density 10 abreast 😟. Based on my experience with the 77W these are important features that will influence customer satisfaction levels. (I do recognise that the 779 is a little wider than its predecessor but not enough to cram in 10 abreast)


D-ABTA Was a B747. no one has ever taken a photo of the new D-ABTA.

Roger Hampton

If the seats on the 777 are as uncomfortable as those on the Dreamliner I will definitely give it a miss. It may work for the airline to go 10 abreast but not for the passenger. I am not a sardine.

Jorge Magellan

I don’t trust Boeing! If I have an alternative flight to Boeing, I’ll choose it, and many passengers think the same as me. The major orders of Boeing 777X will be cancelled soon.