Lufthansa Adding New Long-Haul Flights Including To Alaska


This week The Lufthansa Group shared that it is launching six new long-haul routes for next summer. From the end of March 2021, the company will be flying to new destinations across several different regions from Frankfurt.

Getty / Lufthansa
Lufthansa is looking to weather the storm with new long-distance services that will cater to tourism market segments. Photo: Getty Images

Across the continents

The new services will be operating to a diverse group of destinations. However, something that they all have in common is that they are all popular tourist areas.

According to a press release seen by Simple Flying, the firm will offer the following services from the German hub of Frankfurt.

  • Three weekly flights to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic from March 29th.
  • Three weekly flights to Mombasa, Kenya from March 31st (there will also be onward flights to Zanzibar, Tanzania).
  • The launch of a direct, three times a week service to Anchorage, Alaska from June 3rd.
  • Flights to Mauritius will now be available in the summer rather than only the winter.
  • Operations to Malé, Maldives will also be offered during the summer season rather than solely the winter months.
Alaska Lufthansa
For the first time ever, Lufthansa will be flying nonstop from Frankfurt to Alaska. Photo: Lufthansa

A group effort

The services to Punta Cana, Anchorage, and Mauritius are in cooperation with Eurowings and will be operated by the Lufthansa Group’s subsidiary, Brussels Airlines. Nonetheless, passengers can book tickets on both and

Meanwhile, the trips to Malé, Mombasa, and Zanzibar will be run by Lufthansa’s core airline. Therefore, travelers can only book tickets on Passengers can already book flights on any of these routes for next summer.

Lufthansa Airbus A350
Regardless of the destination, all trips are already bookable and have fully flexible rebooking policies. Photo: Getty Images

Altogether, the company is getting itself in a strong position to cater to tourists for the summer of 2021. Even before the global health crisis, the business had been putting plans in place to bolster its tourism routes.


Lufthansa signed off the press release by showing its intent with the following statement:

“Lufthansa’s goal is to actively shape the future of tourism. This was a strategic focus even before the coronavirus pandemic. Since the beginning of July 2019, Lufthansa has been offering numerous additional tourist destinations.”

Maldives Lufthansa
Tourists will be able to visit Mauritius and the Maldives with Lufthansa in the summer from next year. Photo: Lufthansa

Preparing well

2021 will be crucial for airlines as they will be looking to be in a better position following the serious downturn in passenger activity. Regardless, Lufthansa will be hoping that there aren’t as many strict travel restrictions in place across the globe during this time. It would want tourists to seamlessly travel to and from their destinations.

What are your thoughts about Lufthansa flying on six new long-haul tourist routes from Frankfurt? Will you be looking to travel with the airline to one of these locations? Let us know what you think of the carrier’s initiative in the comment section.