Lufthansa To Welcome A New Plane Every 2 Weeks For The Next 10 Years

Lufthansa is set to welcome a new aircraft to its fleet on average once a fortnight for the next 10 years. The news comes as the German flag carrier eagerly awaits its first Boeing 777X set to be delivered next year.

Lufthansa, New Aircraft, Aircraft Orders
Lufthansa is expecting to receive one aircraft per fortnight for the next ten years. Photo: Lufthansa

New deliveries are an exciting time for any airline. Lufthansa currently has 130 Airbus aircraft on order. The airline also has Boeing 777X and Boeing 787-9 aircraft on order from Airbus’ competitor. With 40 aircraft currently on order from Boeing, Lufthansa has a total of 170 aircraft on order from the two manufacturing giants. As such, the airline expects to take an average of one new aircraft every two weeks across the next decade.

€3 billion per year on aircraft

Lufthansa has a fairly sizable fleet. Indeed, according to, the German flag carrier has 300 aircraft in its fleet. This figure excludes aircraft in other Lufthansa group airlines such as Eurowings.

The airline is currently pushing to introduce aircraft which produce far less CO2. Examples include the new neo variants of the A320 family. As such, Carsten Spohr, Lufthansa’s CEO said: “The Lufthansa Group invests almost three billion euros per year into new, fuel-efficient aircraft. That is the most powerful tool we currently have to make flying as climate-friendly as possible”.

Lufthansa, New Aircraft, Aircraft Orders
Lufthansa currently operates around 300 aircraft. Photo: Lufthansa

An aircraft a fortnight for 10 years

Lufthansa currently has 170 aircraft on order between Airbus and Boeing. This is split in a ratio of 13 Airbus to every four Boeing orders. Of the outstanding Airbus orders, Lufthansa is expecting:

  • 64 Airbus A320neo aircraft;
  • 36 Airbus A321neo aircraft;
  • 30 Airbus A350-900 aircraft.

Meanwhile, the airline’s Boeing orders consist of two different aircraft types as follows:

  • 20 Boeing 787-9 aircraft;
  • 20 Boeing 777X aircraft, of which Lufthansa is the launch customer.

Lufthansa is set to be the launch customer of the Boeing 777X. Currently, the airline is expecting to receive the first such model next year. However, while Boeing had expected to showcase the aircraft at the Paris Air Show this summer, it is still yet to take its first flight.

Lufthansa, New Aircraft, Aircraft Orders
Lufthansa is set to be the launch customer of the Boeing 777X. Photo: Lufthansa

Eyeing further orders?

Lufthansa said that “the company will be welcoming a new airplane every two weeks on average for the next ten years.” With 170 aircraft on order, average deliveries of one aircraft every two weeks would only take the airline through six and a half years. The airline would need to order another 90 odd aircraft in order to receive one aircraft every two weeks for a period of ten years.

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