Lufthansa To Celebrate Oktoberfest On An Airbus A350 To New York

Munich’s Oktoberfest had to be canceled this year amid the global health crisis. However, Lufthansa is still keeping the famous traditions alive with its Trachtencrew flights. On September 22nd, 11 flight attendants will head for Newark International airport on an Airbus A350 while adopting traditional Bavarian costumes.

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While celebrations are cut back, the flag carrier of Germany is still providing a unique experience. Photo: Getty Images

Carrying on traditions

According to a press release seen by Simple Flying, Lufthansa CityLine passengers will also be able to witness the folk experience on flights across Europe next week. Between the 21st and 25th, services from Munich to Copenhagen, Helsinki, Manchester, Berlin, and Vienna will have crew members in traditional costumes. Moreover, those traveling to popular vacation routes to Santorini and Sylt during this period will be part of the onboard festivities.

“The tradition of Trachtencrew flights is as long as it is successful at Lufthansa. The first flights in traditional costume took place as early as 1957, and even back then they were already fascinating Lufthansa passengers all over the world,” Lufthansa said, as per its press release.

“In 2006 the idea was taken up again and the maiden flight went – as well as this year – to New York. Since then, the Lufthansa Trachtencrew has been heading to 25 destinations from China to Japan, India and the USA, as well as  destinations all over Europe.”

Lufthansa History
A Lufthansa flight attendant adopting a Bavarian Dirndl in 1957. Photo: Lufthansa

Iconic outfits

Munich-based costume designer Angermaier created the Dirndl of Lufthansa’s long-haul crews. The Wiesn-Dirndl that the flight attendants wear is dark blue with a silver-grey apron. The men adopt short leather pants with a dark blue vest in the fabric of the Dirndl. It is also standard at this time of year for the airline’s staff at Munich’s Terminal 2 to welcome passengers in traditional outfits.

Lufthansa Oktoberfest
The uniform that Lufthansa crew members have worn in recent years. Photo: Lufthansa

Despite the change of scene, Lufthansa’s lounges at Munich will carry on with customizing service during the festival season. Travelers will have a choice of Bavarian delights, including Leberkäs, cabbage, and potato salad. Roasted almonds and pretzel pearls will also be available, along with Oktoberfest beer.

Meanwhile, passengers flying in business class can dine on trout and Bavarian cream while in the air. Weissbier is also available on request during September.

Lufthansa Airbus A350
The aviation industry continues to face several challenges this year, but Lufthansa is still managing to provide high-quality customer service. Photo: Getty Images

Adapting to the situation

Oktoberfest usually sees thousands of people heading to Munich to enjoy the festivities. Lufthansa will undoubtedly be missing out on this activity this year. However, while the world continues to take a break from normality, it’s great that the carrier can still carry on its traditions.

What are your thoughts about Lufthansa’s plans for its services during Oktoberfest? Will you be flying with the carrier over the next few weeks? Let us know what you think of the initiative in the comment section.