Lufthansa Launches Its First Service To Paris Orly

Lufthansa has announced that it intends to launch its first service to Paris’ Orly Airport. The carrier will begin to serve the destination from Munich from the 16th of March 2020. The twice-daily flight will join another 40 flights which serve Paris’ main airport.

Lufthansa, Munich, Paris Orly
Lufthansa will launch a new route from Munich to Paris Orly. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Each week, Lufthansa operates many flights to Charles De Gaulle Airport, the main airport for the Paris region of France. However, up until now, the airline hasn’t served the smaller Orly Airport to the south of the city. This is now set to change, as Lufthansa has announced non-stop flights from Munich to Paris Orly.

A look at the new service

The new service to Orly Airport south of Paris will operate twice per day from the 16th of March 2020. Tickets for the new service are already on sale. Served by a Bombardier CRJ900, the flights will keep to the following schedule:

  • LH2244 will depart from Munich at 06:50. Following a 1 and a half hour flight, the CRJ900 is then set to touch down in Orly at 08:20
  • LH2245 will depart from Paris Orly at 09:05 after 45 minutes on the ground. It is then scheduled to arrive back in Munich at 10:30 after a slightly shorter 1-hour 25-minute flight.
Lufthansa, Munich, Paris Orly
The flight will be operated by Lufthansa’s CityLine subsidiary. Photo: Lufthansa
  • LH2214 will depart from Munich at 17:35. Following a 1.5 hour flight, the aircraft is set to touch down in Munich at 19:05.
  • LH2215 will depart from Orly at 19:45. Following another 1-hour 25-minute flight, it will arrive back at Lufthansa’s Munich hub at 21:10.

The CityLine flights will complement another 40 per week which operates between Munich and Paris Charles De Gaulle. This means that Lufthansa will not operate 54 flights between the two destinations per week, or around 8 per day.

The airline states that the flight provides “excellent connections to North America, Japan and India in the morning and to Asia and Mexico in the evening.”

Lufthansa, Munich, Paris Orly
The route is the first time Lufthansa has served Paris Orly. Photo: Mark Huss/Lufthansa

Orly vs Charles De Gaulle

Like many major cities in Europe, Paris has a couple of busy airports, Orly to the south of the city is the smaller airport. Meanwhile, Charles De Gaulle to the north of the city acts as the city’s main airport.

In 2018, Paris Charles De Gaulle was the busiest Airport in France handling over 72 million passengers. Paris Orly came second, but with less than half the traffic, at around 33 million passengers. In terms of location, Paris’ Charles De Gaulle is better for passengers approaching Paris from the North, while the converse can be said about Orly Airport to the South.

Do you think Munich needs a service to Paris Orly? Will you find yourself using it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!