Lufthansa Launches Complimentary Return Flight Guarantee

Lufthansa today revealed the details of a previously hinted return flight guarantee. The airline’s new policy will see additional protections given to travelers who may need to alter their travel plans due to the current pandemic outbreak.

Lufthansa, Return Flight, Guarantee
Lufthansa is introducing new policies aimed at reassuring passengers. Photo: Lufthansa

The aviation industry is clearly showing the signs of a restart following its worse crisis to date. However, initial indications show that the recovery may be a slow and painful uphill struggle. Indeed, the Lufthansa Group is widely expecting the full recovery to last into 2023. As such, many changes must be made in the meantime, such as up to 26,000 job cuts at the Lufthansa Group. One big challenge will be convincing passengers that it will once again be safe to travel.

Lufthansa’s new offerings

Lufthansa today revealed details of its new return flight guarantee. Lufthansa’s new guaranteed will be available on flight bookings made from June 25th until the end of August. This means that existing reservations will not be covered. However, the policy will apply to all flights with a return date up until the end of January 2021. This could, of course, be extended later.

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All bookings, including for basic fares, will include a return flight guarantee and flexible rebooking options. The return flight guarantee means that every Lufthansa passenger traveling on European routes will be able to return to Germany, Austria, or Switzerland regardless of what happens.

Lufthansa, Return Flight, Guarantee
Most passengers will benefit from enhanced insurance protections. Photo: Gregor Schlaeger via Lufthansa

Additional protections

As is typically the case with Lufthansa fares, the higher the fare bracket chosen, the more protections are offered. The German flag carrier is working with AXA Partners insurance to provide additional protection for those booking Economy Classic fares, and Business Saver fares.

This will see the insurance covering certain costs related to travel denials. For example, if a traveler is not able to enter the destination country, the insurance will cover the cost of quarantine, or return medical transportation.

Additionally, passengers will be guaranteed to be able to contact a German-speaking doctor via video chat. Finally, the insurance will also cover lost expenses such as hotels and excursions if the passenger is unable to enter the destination country.

Lufthansa, Return Flight, Guarantee
Those with flexible fares will be able to return home immediately. Photo: Lufthansa

What about economy and Business Flex fares?

Those passengers buying Lufthansa’s most expensive flexible fares will be granted an additional benefit above and beyond those offered to the above tariffs. This benefit is called “Bring Me Home Now,” and pretty much does what it says on the tin.

With the Bring Me Home Now policy, those who make a request will be accommodated on the soonest Lufthansa Group return flight with availability. They will not have to pay a rebooking fee or any fare difference.

Christina Foerster, Member of the Board Customer & Corporate Responsibility at Lufthansa commented on the new policies, saying,

“With this new and so far unique offer, we want to help ensure that our guests can spend their summer holidays in Europe as carefree as possible.”

Would Lufthansa’s new policies encourage you to fly once again, or would you still hold off booking? Let us know what you think and why in the comments!