Lufthansa Group To Upgrade Shanghai Route Services

The Lufthansa Group is betting heavily on Shanghai. China, a bustling aviation market, is an important market for business and leisure travelers. Thus, the Lufthansa Group is betting on big returns and sending some of their largest and best products to China. 
Swiss and Lufthansa
Swiss and Lufthansa will be upgrading their services to Shanghai. Photo: Swiss
As reported by Business Traveler, the upgrades are set to go into effect in 2020.

Lufthansa goes A380 to Shanghai

Lufthansa is upgrading its twice-daily service to Shanghai from Frankfurt. Both daily flights will be operated by the A380. Lufthansa’s A380s seat 509 passengers in a four-class configuration. This includes eight First Class seats, 78 business class configurations in an angled 2-2-2 configuration, 52 premium economy seats in a 2-4-2 configuration, and 371 economy seats in a 3-4-3 configuration. Our guide to Lufthansa’s business, premium economy, and economy products should help you decide the best seat for your next flight to China.

Lufthansa A380
All Lufthansa flights from Munich and Frankfurt to Shanghai will be operated using Airbus A380 aircraft. Photo: Jay Singh/Simple Flying

Meanwhile, from Munich, Lufthansa will place an A380 on its daily service. Thus, all of Lufthansa’s service to Shanghai will be on A380s.

Swiss to Shanghai

Not to be left out, Swiss International Airlines will offer an upgraded A340 between Zurich and Shanghai. The upgraded A340 features a new business class that is more similar to their Boeing 777 aircraft. In addition, the A340 will also feature a premium economy product.

Lufthansa Group Boeing 777X premium economy
Swiss will fly their upgraded A340 to Shanghai from Zurich. Photo: SWISS

I had the good fortune to try out Swiss business class on a 777 on a recent flight. The staggered configuration is better than Lufthansa’s angled configuration. In fact, the throne seats offer immense storage and a more private seat experience.

Swiss 777 J Throne seat
Swiss 777 Throne Seat in Business. Photo: Jay Singh/Simple Flying

In addition to the upgraded interior, Swiss is also investing in the inflight technological aspects. Onboard, passengers should expect additional inflight connectivity via the internet. Furthermore, Swiss is also upgrading its inflight entertainment system.

Other airlines upgrade service to Shanghai

Shanghai is an important aviation market. Several airlines, including Delta, have upgraded their services to the vibrant city. It seems that the Lufthansa group recognizes this competition and is taking the market very seriously.

Delta A330neo
Delta Air Lines recently introduced their new Airbus A330-900neo to Shanghai. Photo: Delta News Hub via Flickr

Fellow Star Alliance member, United Airlines, is also betting heavily on China. United plans on partnering closely with Air China. The Lufthansa Group may also encourage closer cooperation between its airlines and Air China. Interestingly, however, Lufthansa is not upgrading its services to Beijing at this time. Beijing is a much larger hub for Air China. It could be, however, that Lufthansa is awaiting the opening of Beijing’s new Daxing airport before altering services to the city.

Lufthansa Group To Upgrade Shanghai Route Services
Air China is a potential partner for Lufthansa and Swiss in China. Photo: Boeing


Lufthansa and Swiss are betting heavily on Shanghai. Whether or not this pays off is a different story. However, these upgrades should work well for both airlines. Shanghai is a major market that should sustain a mix of origin and destination and connecting passengers. At the end of the day, both airlines are seeking to be one of the premier airlines to fly between China and Europe. By only flying their flagship A380 to Shanghai, Lufthansa is sparing little while investing in the Chinese market.

Do you think these are wise moves for Lufthansa and Swiss? Will you fly Lufthansa’s A380 to Shanghai? Have you flown on a refurbished Swiss A340? Let us know in the comments!

Lufthansa Group was not immediately available for comment.