Lufthansa Offers Free Rebooking As Threat Of Strike Draws Nearer

Lufthansa is offering passengers due to travel on Thursday and Friday the opportunity to rebook their travel for free as threatened strikes draw nearer. Cabin crew with the airline are threatening a 48-hour walkout while demanding a 1.8% pay increase.

Lufthansa, Cabin Crew, Strike
Lufthansa is set to be affected by strike action on Thursday and Friday. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Lufthansa cabin staff are currently threatening to hold a strike across Germany on Thursday and Friday. While Lufthansa yesterday said that it was pursuing legal avenues to halt the strike, it has begun contingency planning. Today the CEO of Lufthansa, Carsten Spohr, invited management of the union responsible for calling the strike to a meeting in Frankfurt.

Will my flight go ahead?

Lufthansa has warned that strike action on Thursday and Friday has the potential to affect all flights to and from Germany on Thursday. This also includes domestic flights. Flight crew are essential for the airline to operate passenger flights. Similarly, we recently saw only one British Airways flight take place during a 48-hour strike by pilots in September.

The airline is currently working to discover which flights might be affected by strike action. As a result, Lufthansa is set to announce a special flight schedule for Thursday and Friday. This is expected to be available at from 12:00 tomorrow.

Lufthansa, Cabin Crew, Strike
The UFO union represents 30,000 cabin crew employees in the Lufthansa Group’s German operations. Photo: Lufthansa

What should I do if I’m due to fly?

If you’re due to fly on Thursday or Friday, there are a couple of actions which it is possible to take. From noon tomorrow, Lufthansa will have implemented its special flight schedule. If you don’t want to wait to see if your flight is affected, you can reschedule your flight for free.

The airline told Simple Flying that:

“Regardless of whether or not their trip will be affected by a cancellation, all Lufthansa Group passengers with a booked flight to/from or via Frankfurt and Munich for Thursday, November 7 and Friday, November 8 can rebook their flight once free of charge, in exchange for an alternative Lufthansa Group flight within the next ten days.”

Additionally, domestic passengers are confirmed to be able to travel. By logging onto the Lufthansa website they will be able to transfer their ticket into a train ticket for use on the Deutsche Bahn. As such, it is possible that domestic flights could be the first to be cut by the airline.

Lufthansa, Cabin Crew, Strike
Domestic passengers can trade their flight tickets for free train tickets. Photo: Erich Westendarp from Pixabay

It could also be worth seeing whether your travel insurance covers cancellations due to industrial action. If so, your travel insurer may offer additional advice specific to your situation.

What is Lufthansa doing about the situation?

Lufthansa appears to be taking the threat of strike action seriously. Along with the special flight timetable being planned, the airline is also seeking legal avenues to halt the strike. Unlike its British counterparts, the German unions are not required to give 14 days notice of strike action. As such, Lufthansa is forced to think on its feet to deal with an immediate situation.

Lufthansa, Cabin Crew, Strike
The strike is due to last 48 hours across Thursday and Friday. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Within the past hour Lufthansa’s CEO, Carsten Spohr, invited the UFO union to talks in Frankfurt at 18:00 tomorrow. Should Lufthansa have no luck in halting the strikes, staff will begin striking from midnight tomorrow.

Are you due to fly with Lufthansa this week? Do you support the union’s strike? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.