Lufthansa To Launch A New First Class On Their 777X Aircraft

We were very curious to learn that Lufthansa will be launching a new business class on their 777X aircraft a few months ago.

new business class seats
The new Lufthansa 777X business class

But now we can’t help think about their possible new first class for the same plane…

What is the current first-class onboard Lufthansa?

The current first-class options onboard Lufthansa leave a little to be desired.

Granted there are some really great positives about it. Separate bed to the seat, so passengers can get a real ‘flatbed’ experience, not just a reclining seat (Only on board their 747-400s, which the 777X is replacing), the other first-class concepts feature a 180 reclining seat.

Lufthansa To Launch A New First Class On Their 777X Aircraft
Lufthansa First Class Cabin 2010, A380 // Lufthansa First Class Kabine 2010, A380
CGI, Computer generated imagery

But you would be quick to notice that there is no privacy, no privacy screens of any type and the cabin is in a 1-1 configuration so you are rather close to your neighbor!

Possible first class for the new 777X?

Lufthansa is the launch customer of the new Boeing 777-9, but as these planes are planned to replace their aging fleet of 747-400’s, they will not be featuring the famous first class.

Lufthansa To Launch A New First Class On Their 777X Aircraft

However, that is only for the first 13-20 777X planes. What happens after that might be anyone’s guess…

“In general, we want to keep the share of First Class-equipped aircraft in Lufthansa’s long-haul fleet at the current 50 percent.” – Carsten Spohr, Lufthansa group CEO

What would we expect from a new Lufthansa first class?

If we were to look at what options are currently available on the market, we could hazard a guess as to the key features of a new Lufthansa first class.

  • Privacy. In the older first class for Lufthansa, there simply was not any privacy. Just like open planned offices, passengers paying top dollar would find themselves sitting in a very luxurious open space. Plus if we look at the upcoming business class option for the Lufthansa 777X, we can see that privacy is paramount.
  • Seat Flat Bed. Whilst the original first class having a bed next to the seat was iconic, it actually took up too much room. In future, we should expect the seat to be the bed with the cabin crew adding a mattress topper like we see onboard other airlines. However, this might not be the case if they decide to go the private suite route.
  • Space. We imagine that in addition to privacy, there will be plenty of space. You only need to look at what the middle east airlines are doing with creating entire suites on board for their VIP guests. With privacy and space, Lufthansa can then match the likes of Singapore.
Lufthansa To Launch A New First Class On Their 777X Aircraft
The Singapore Airlines First Class suite.

We can expect an announcement by 2021 as to what the new first class will look like.

“First class is developing better than we’d imagined three or four years back, We’re looking at routes where it makes sense, where we have the customers who want it.” –  Spohr told Lufthansa staff in a recent briefing.

Do you have any suggestions on how Lufthansa can make the best first class?