Lufthansa Operates Its First Long-Haul Trachtencrew Flight Of 2021

Today sees Lufthansa commencing its traditional Trachtencrew flights. The flights are intended to celebrate the annual Oktoberfest beer festival held in Munich. While COVID-19 has stopped the actual festival this year, Lufthansa didn’t want to miss another year of festivities.

Lufthansa, Trachtencrew, First Flight
Lufthansa’s first long-haul Trachtencrew flight of the season will head to Charlotte today. Photo: Lufthansa

Recently, the United States has seen a surge in unruly passenger incidents prompting some carriers to ban the sale of alcohol onboard. However, beer and the Oktoberfest festival are significant parts of Munich’s identity. With its second base in the city, Lufthansa makes sure to celebrate Oktoberfest each year.

Introducing the Trachtencrew

What is a Trachtencrew? Translated into English, it means costume crew, with the description pretty accurate as to what makes the crew unique. Each year a handful of Munich-based crews are selected to become a member of the Trachtencrew. The chosen crew members are outfitted with tailored costumes.

Women wear a traditional German Dirndl dress (this year dark blue), accompanied by a silver apron. Meanwhile, men wear Lederhosen, or leather trousers in English, alongside a dark blue vest made of the same fabric as the Dirndls. Each year the uniforms are designed by Munich-based company Angermaier.

Lufthansa, Trachtencrew, First Flight
Crew members wear tailored traditional Bavarian dresses during the Oktoberfest season. Photo: Lufthansa

Where will it be flying?

The crew functions in much the same way as any other crew, save for the different uniforms. This year, the maiden long-haul Trachtencrew flight will see the special crew flying to Charlotte in the United States today. The Airbus A350 will operate flight LH 428 departing from Munich at 12:45.

The crew is also scheduled to fly to Denver on October 3rd. This is an important day for the destination, as it marks exactly 20 years since the airline first flew to the destination, albeit from its Frankfurt stronghold. Lufthansa has served Denver from Munich for the past five years.

Lufthansa, COVID-19, Vaccinations
The crew will operate an Airbus A350 to Charlotte later today. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

Interestingly, Lufthansa is shaking up the status quo a little this year. Typically more focus is placed on long-haul flights during Trachtencrew season. This year, more of an emphasis is being placed on short-haul European flights. Short-haul Trachtencrew flights have been operating since September 14th, flying around Europe and domestically.

Specials onboard

While the Trachtencrew flights may be limited, Lufthansa wants every passenger to feel involved in its Oktoberfest celebrations. As a result, each year, the airline slightly alters its offering during the festival period. In the airline’s Munich lounges, traditional Bavarian dishes are on offer.

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Meanwhile, onboard passengers can find Munich delicacies on European routes. These could range from a snack with an Obatzter cream and grilled peppers to a hot dish to a lightly smoked pork tenderloin or fried bread dumplings with a mushroom ragout. Every dish is served with special bread.

Have you flown on a Lufthansa Trachtencrew flight? How was the experience? Let us know what you think and why in the comments!