Cat Lost At Washington Dulles Airport Following Lufthansa Flight

A cat went missing at Washington Dulles Airport last week. The unfortunate feline had just arrived at the airport on board a Lufthansa flight from Munich at the time of the incident.

Lufthansa, Lost Cat, Washington Dulles
A cat was lost shortly after a Lufthansa flight to Washington last week. Photos: Lufthansa | Pixabay

Any frequent flyer knows that lost baggage is an unfortunate but possible outcome when checking baggage. However, what about animals in the hold? Unfortunately, one lady was unable to leave the airport with both of her cats after one was misplaced at the airport. The feline’s carry crate was damaged somewhere between the aircraft and the baggage claim belt, prompting the cat’s escape attempt.

What happened?

The alleged incident occurred last week according to Live And Let’s Fly. The cat, named Milo, made a break for freedom after a flight from Munich. Two felines were being transported within the hold of the aircraft during the flight to Washington.

Lufthansa, Lost Cat, Washington Dulles
Cats aren’t the only animals carried by Lufthansa. Photo: Lufthansa

On arrival, Milo was offloaded with caution at Washington Dulles Airport. However, reports suggest that this is where the story starts to go downhill. While being transported from the aircraft to the baggage belt, the cat’s carrier was damaged.

Milo was clearly thinking on his feet. When the damage occurred the cat snuck out of the damaged container. The cat’s owner found two cat crates in the arrivals hall. While one contained her other cat named Beau, the other was still locked but the door hinges were broken. Unfortunately, no cat remained inside the broken cat carrier.

Where is Milo now?

So where is Milo now? Well, unfortunately, that could be anybody’s guess. There are two main possibilities which I’d hope for. Firstly, the cat is keeping a low profile at the airport, keeping out of the way, but hopefully soon found. The other is that the cat could have vacated the airport and could be roaming around. Unfortunately, this option could make finding the elusive creature slightly trickier.

Video of the day:

Lufthansa, Lost Cat, Washington Dulles
The search for Milo continues. Photo: Lufthansa

What did Lufthansa say?

Lufthansa appears to be taking the matter very seriously, as they well should be. A Lufthansa spokesperson told USA today:

“They have been searching for Milo and have sent out emails to the airline community at Dulles Airport, members of the various authorities there, including ground handlers as well as other airlines, asking for assistance in the search

Our team has also posted flyers created by the customer at different locations of the ramp area. The search for Milo continues and our ground staff are in close touch with the passenger, who is being updated regularly.”

Have you seen Milo lying low at Washington Dulles? Would you worry about losing your pet on a flight? Let us know in the comments section

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Vijaya Koothan

Thats very unfortunate. Lufthsnsa rdslonsibld to find thr. T AND Afford the dsmages emotionally

David Tait

I hope Milo’s searchers do a better job today than Jack’s! It is almost eight years ago to the day since American Airlines managed to loose a cat called Jack at the very same JFK. It took AA a whole two months to locate the missing feline by which time he’d become a national news item. This time around it might be the rirst time an airline employee looks forward to uttering the words “Hi Jack!”


Oh dear such unwelcome news. It’s almost CAT-astrophic!

In-Frequent Flyer

I was working the day I heard my lead telling me to keep an eye out for a cat. I would assume Milo is somewhere in the main terminal, as I doubt he’d risk crossing multiple active taxiways with planes generating a lot of noise.


Typical outcome for a Lufthansa flight. I was sitting on an LH plane in Munich a few weeks ago watching the workers throwing the luggage into the crates – unnecessarily aggressively. Overall the airline is rather incompetent which has caused a sad outcome for this family.