Lufthansa Looks To Divide Widebody Fleet By Aircraft Type

Lufthansa is set to split its widebody aircraft equally between Frankfurt and Munich as it looks to optimize its fleet post-crisis. The change will mean that each Lufthansa base will have one single deck widebody and one two-deck widebody.

Lufthansa, Boeing, Airbus
Lufthansa will divide its widebody fleet by manufacturer. Photo: Oliver Roesler via Lufthansa

Lufthansa is currently in the process of reviewing its future operations. After 65 years of operations, the airline is back where it started in terms of its operations. However, the recovery won’t be as simple as merely restarting as things were. In fact, in total, the Lufthansa Group will operate 100 fewer aircraft than before the crisis.

A split fleet

Lufthansa will split its widebody fleet between its two bases going forward. Each base will have one single deck type and one aircraft type with two decks. This will see the Boeing 747 (both the 747-400 and the 747-8) based at Frankfurt. Additionally, once delivered, the Boeing 777-9 will also operate exclusively from Frankfurt.

The first Boeing 777-9 aircraft were due to be delivered to Lufthansa this summer. However, the program has suffered delays. While Lufthansa’s first Boeing 777-9 was recently spotted outside of Seattle, it isn’t due to be delivered until next summer now. Lufthansa is the launch customer for the type.

Before the current crisis, Lufthansa was planning to operate its Airbus A380 fleet from both Frankfurt and Munich with seven aircraft at each base. However, this plan has now changed. Lufthansa will park its remaining aircraft at Munich for the time being. The A350 will operate from Munich, to be joined by the A380 if and when it is reactivated.

Lufthansa, Airbus, Boeing
The new Boeing 777X will be based in Frankfurt alongside the Boeing 747. Photo: Lufthansa

A Lufthansa spokesperson told Simple Flying:

Lufthansa’s widebody aircraft will be distributed evenly between the two locations Frankfurt (Boeing 747-4, Boeing 747-8, Boeing 777-9) and Munich (A350, A380). The eight A380s stationed in Munich will remain parked, and the option to reactivate them will remain open for Munich.

What about the A340?

Interestingly, the Lufthansa spokesperson didn’t mention the Airbus A340 operating from either of the airports. Lufthansa currently operates both the Airbus A340-300 and the Airbus A340-600.

Lufthansa had previously announced that it would send its entire fleet of Airbus A340-600 to the Spanish aircraft graveyard in Teruel. The airline had said that these aircraft won’t fly for at least a year to a year and a half. Seven of it’s Airbus A380s are also currently in Teruel.

Lufthansa, Airbus, Boeing
The A350 and A380 fleets will be based in Munich. Photo: Alex Tino Friedel via Lufthansa

However, there remains the possibility that these aircraft won’t return to service at all. We do know for sure that at least seven of the 17 jets won’t fly for the German flag carrier again.

Simple Flying has contacted Lufthansa to confirms whether the A340-600s could return to the skies with the Lufthansa livery once again.

What do you make of Lufthansa’s new plan to spilt types between the two airports? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!