Chaos As Rain Pours Through Roof Of Luton Airport

Luton Airport was plunged into chaos Friday afternoon after the rain started pouring in from the roof of the main terminal.

Rain pours into the terminal at London Luton Airport Photo: M J Richardson/Creative Commons

If there was ever a place in the world where buildings needed to be capable of coping with inordinate amounts of rain, it would have to be the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Sadly, the people who built the main terminal at London Luton Airport made a mess of it, as can be seen in the video below.

Passengers were in shock when, all of a sudden, huge amounts of water came pouring into the terminal from above.

Passengers had to get off aircraft and return to the terminal

Passengers already on board aircraft had to disembark and return to the terminal due to the torrential storms moving through the area at the time. One of those travelers affected by the delays was reality televisions Love Island star Zara McDermott and her Made In Chelsea boyfriend Sam Thompson.

Quick to act, Zara did what every reality television personality would do and grabbed her camera phone. She started snapping away photos of the incident for her 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

Love Island reality TV star was caught in the downpour

The shocked 22-year-old Love Island beauty was sitting in the Bella Italia restaurant waiting for a pizza when she uploaded a photo with the words, “The roof is coming down in Luton Airport WTF!!!!


“I cannot believe this is happening was just trying to enjoy my pizza.”

Rain was pouring into Luton Airport Photo: Zara McDermott/ Instagram

Other images showed massive puddles trying to be wiped up once the 15-minute downpour came to an end. Fellow passengers at the airport all waiting for their flights to whisk them off on their summer holidays took to social media to let their friends and family know what was going on.

Passenger Claudia Harris posted video footage of water coming through the terminal roof in which she can be heard saying, “That’s all water coming through – it’s flooding right now.”

Another traveler Melissa Restrepo wrote, “Stuck in the plane at Luton Airport because apparently the terminal was flooded by a quick rain. Fun.”

During the downpour, Evan Hood said he was on board an easyJet flight waiting to take off when smoke started coming out of the plane saying, “We were sitting on an #easyjet at #lutonairport when that rain hit…and then our plane started smoking.”

What Evan saw was only water vapor and not smoke! This is a fairly common occurrence when planes switch on their air-conditioning when there is high humidity.

Luton Airport apologizes for the leak

In a statement following the event the airport said,

“Following a period of unprecedented rainfall, we have experienced water damage in a number of locations in the terminal.”

London Luton Airpot
Luton Airport apologizes for their leaking roof. Photo: Wikimedia

London Luton Airport also posted on Twitter saying,

“We are working as quickly as we can to get services back to normal and will keep passengers updated. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.”

If you were at London Luton Airport during yesterday’s freak storm please let us know your thoughts about it.