The 5 Best Airline First Class Seats 2019

A common problem for most billionaires is sometimes your private jet needs to go in for an oil change. But how will you visit your private island on the other side of the world? Surely not commercial! You will be surprised how luxurious first class can be on these top carriers.

Life is pretty sweet in Emirates’ first class. Photo: Emirates.

Here’s our pick of the top five:

Let’s go through the top five most luxurious cabins that you can fly on today.

ANA’s 777-300ER First Class

We were blown away when ANA revealed their refreshed first-class cabin concept, called East Meets West, featuring a private suite with a 43-inch 4k monitor. In fact, you could not fit in a bigger tv screen. The suite features a door so your privacy is guaranteed.

ANA Boeing 777 Refit First Class
ANA’s new first class seat, The Suite. Photo: ANA

Air France’s 777-300ER La Premiere Class

An often unmentioned first-class suite is Air France take on the concept. First, passengers are driven to the plane in a private car skipping the boarding with the commoners entirely. Each seat has four windows to itself, bespoke white styling, exquisite onboard tasting menu and a private floor to ceiling curtain that offers uncomplicated privacy.

Air France La Premiere
Air France La Premiere class. Photo: Air France

Emirates Boeing 777-300ER First Class

Emirates comes in third with their take on the first class cabin. With 40 square feet of private space, a 32 inch TV screen which you can video chat to your flight attendant, and visual reality windows. The seat features a zero gravity position to give you a feeling like you are floating among the clouds. This cabin also features some of the only floor to ceiling privacy doors found in the air.

emirates new first class suite
The new suites offer 40 square feet of personal space. Photo: Emirates

Emirates is also notable for having an excellent first-class product on its A380 aircraft.

Singapore’s A380 First Class Suite

Starting this journey is the Singapore A380 first-class suite. This private suite at around 50 square feet features a standalone lie flatbed, a rotating recliner chair, a 32-inch tv screen not unlike found in most lounge rooms, and amazing dining options. Plus if you’re traveling with a companion, the two suites can be joined to create a 100 square foot palace with double bed.

The 5 Best Airline First Class Seats 2019
Singapore Airlines’ first-class suite is worth the price. Photo: Singapore Airlines

Plus, Singapore might be reinventing its first class for its new 777X to be delivered in 2022.

Etihad A380 ’The Residence’

The number one most luxurious first-class experience is Etihad’s ‘The Residence’ on board their Airbus A380. The Residence features a living room, a double bed, and your very own personal butler. Other first-class guests need to share the shower onboard, but you get your own to be used as many times as you like.

If you could, why wouldn’t you fly in The Residence all the way to Sydney? Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Which luxury cabin do you think is best? Have we missed your favorite airline? Let us know in the comments.