An MD-87 Passenger Aircraft Has Been Left Abandoned At Madrid Barajas Airport

Have you ever forgotten where you’ve parked and then found your car with a hefty parking fine attached? Well, if you’ve accidentally forgotten an MD-87 at Madrid’s Barajas Airport, Simple Flying has some bad news for you. Despite being present at the airport since 2010, the airport is only now taking action against the ageing, untouched jet. As such, the jet has run up some significant parking charges. According to 2019 airport charges, the Jet owner owes in the region of €200 million for the past 10 years of parking.

Abandoned MD-87
Many years ago the MD-87 was sold to Iberia. Photo: Public Domain

Saicus Air

According to information obtained by Simple Flying, the MD-87 appears to have last been registered to a now-defunct cargo airline, Saicus Air. The MD-87 is registered as EC-KRV. It was originally sold to Iberia back in 1990. Saicus Air ceased operations in 2010, and one source suggests that the MD-87 was stored in November of that year. appears to indicate that the aircraft has been withdrawn from service since December 2010. Whether the aircraft remains the property of Saicus Air since it was wound up is unclear.

Lengthy Proceedings Ahead

It seems as though a resolution to the aircraft dilemma will not be a quick process for the airport operators. Simple Flying estimates that the fees due for the aircraft are in the region of €200m. It seems unlikely that the airport operators are going to recover the majority of the fees owed if any. As such, if nobody comes forward to claim the aircraft, the airport can begin Spanish legal proceedings to dispose of the aircraft.

Abandoned MD-87
The aircraft was owned by Saicus Air. Photo: Ulf Eimers via Wikimedia

Simple Flying contacted representatives of Madrid Airport’s parent company, AENA. They were only able to provide Simple Flying with their procedure in Spanish. Simple Flying translated this guidance:

If the owner irrefutably does not answer, or [AENA] finds out that he has disappeared for whatever reasons (death without heirs, Liquidation of the company by bankruptcy, closure of the company, etc.), the procedure established in the Law is initiated of Air Navigation (articles 137 et seq).

Official Abandonment

It seems as though the airport has been unable to locate the owner of the aircraft as the process which follows has begun.

[AENA must] Publish 3 Edicts in the BOE on the aircraft in three consecutive months, indicating aircraft registration, model and brand, as well as its abandonment status. One year after the last publication in the BOE, it is considered a legal situation of abandonment and the procedures for its sale in public Auction are initiated.

Abandoned MD-87
The aircraft has been parked at Madrid’s Barajas Airport since 2010. Photo: AENA

As such, the aircraft is still 15 months away from being officially classed as abandoned. After this point, it will be sold at auction. As the aircraft hasn’t flown in 10 years and is now 30 years old, it is unlikely it would be purchased for flight services. More likely outcomes are that it would be sold for scrap.

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