Malaysia Airlines To Suspend Boeing 737 MAX Deliveries

Malaysia Airlines has announced that it will suspend deliveries of 25 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. The carrier shared the news today, stating that the prolonged delay to the plane type’s return to action helped force the decision. Additionally, the plane’s production stoppage is another reason for the suspension.

Malaysia Airlines 737 MAX
Malaysia Airlines was hoping to receive five Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in 2020. Photo: Boeing

Understandable reasons

According to Reuters, Malaysia Airlines spoke of the reasoning behind its decision to halt the deliveries. However, it didn’t state when it wanted to start the process again. 

“In view of the production stoppage and the delayed return to service of the 737-MAX, Malaysia Airlines has suspended the delivery of its orders,” the airline shared in an email, as reported by Reuters

“As there is no clarity yet from various authorities on its return to service, our technical due diligence is still ongoing,”

Southwest 737 MAX
Southwest Airlines is one of the firms that had been relying the most on the grounded aircraft. Photo: Southwest Airlines

High hopes

Malaysia Airlines was expecting to receive five of the planes delivered this year. The first of these jets were due to arrive in July. This would have been two years after a deal for the aircraft was first announced. The two companies agreed a deal for 25 737 MAXs, plus a further 25 on option.

Previously, with the grounding in mind, the carrier was planning to push back the jet’s introduction to after the summer. However, now this plan now seems to be changed with the suspension now in place.

Boeing apologized for the impact that the 737 MAX saga has caused the airline. It said that it is working to support it, along with all of its other customers as much as it can. Altogether, it wants to ensure that carriers have complete confidence in the aircraft while it undergoes a safe return to commercial services.

The 737 MAX has been grounded since March following two fatal accidents. Several airlines have been greatly affected by the grounding, costing them billions of dollars across the globe.

Boeing has earmarked $6.1 billion to cover compensation for airlines with some firms such as Turkish Airlines already reaching deals with the manufacturer.

Boeing 737 MAX
Boeing has been working hard with authorities to reintroduce its 737 MAX planes. Photo: Getty

Airline struggles

Malaysian Airlines has also been going through further issues of its own following two fatal incidents six years ago. Flight MH370 mysteriously disappeared and flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine. Moreover, the 737 MAX crisis is only adding to the frustration of the operator.

These issues have forced the government of Malaysia to try and sell the financially struggling airline. Hopefully, after finding a buyer, the carrier can see better fortune this decade.

Simple Flying reached out to Malaysia Airlines for comment on the suspension but did not hear back before publication. We will update the article with any further announcements. 

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