Revealed: First Ryanair Plane Spotted In Malta Air’s Striking Livery

Malta Air’s first Boeing 737 MAX has rolled out of the paint shop in Washington. The Boeing 737 MAX 8200 will be the first to sport the livery since Malta Air was founded as a Ryanair subsidiary in the summer of 2019.

Malta Air Boeing 737 MAX Rendering
The Boeing 737 MAX 8200 will be the first to wear the Malta Air Livery. Photo: Simple Flying

With the Boeing 737 MAX having been ungrounded for over four months, the number of airlines utilizing the type seems to be growing by the week. We’ve known for some time that Ryanair is keen to fly the jet as soon as they can get their hands on it, and it seems as though the process is one step closer, as the airline expects the FAA to certify the 737 MAX 8200 within the next week.

First Malta Air livery spotted

Just earlier this week Simple Flying reported that the first completed 737 MAX aircraft bound for Malta Air had left the assembly hall. It seems as though Boeing has wasted no time in painting these new aircraft. Former Malta Air Chief Pilot Norman D’Amato shared images of the plane via the Malta Aviation Outlook Facebook page,

So far, two airframes have been spotted with the airline’s split wingtips and tails. It’s not immediately clear whether line number 8003 or 8019 received the paint job. However, from the registration painted on the aircraft’s side, we know that the first MAX likely to go to Malta Air will be registered as 9H-VUA.

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Most of Ryanair’s aircraft based in France, Italy, and Germany have been moved onto the Maltese aircraft registry, becoming part of the Malta Air subsidiary. One would expect that the first 737 MAX aircraft bound for Malta Air would be based in these countries. Exactly where, however, is yet to be confirmed.

An exciting time for Ryanair?

The impending deliveries of the first Boeing 737 MAX 8200 aircraft mean that now is an exciting time for Ryanair and its group airlines for many reasons. Firstly, the MAX 8200 will not only be a new type to Ryanair, but it will also be a new type for the world. While VietJet is also expecting the MAX 8200, Ryanair will be the first to operate it.

Boeing 737 MAX Ryanair
Ryanair’s new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft is designed to carry 197 passengers. Photo: Getty Images

In an age where sustainability is everything, the 737 MAX will allow Ryanair to reduce its carbon footprint even further. Firstly, the MAX will be much more efficient than the 737-800 aircraft in Ryanair’s fleet, some of which are upwards of 17 years old. Additionally, with more seats onboard, the fewer emissions are distributed among more passengers, meaning that they are even lower.

However, for fans of aviation, the other bonus of Ryanair receiving the 737 MAX is that not only will we now have the Malta Air livery, we will also have the new Buzz livery bound for Ryanair’s Polish subsidiary.

What do you make of the Malta Air livery? Let us know what you think and why in the comments!