Malta Airport Plans A Huge Terminal Expansion

Malta Airport is gearing up for an ambitious expansion project. Revealed yesterday, Malta International Airport (MLA) has plans in place for the most extensive development program in the history of the airport, massively increasing floor space and improving the apron area. The airport says its expansion is to accommodate the ongoing increase in passenger traffic.

Malta International Airport
Malta International Airport is undertaking the biggest expansion in its history. Photo: Malta International Airport

A €100m expansion project

Malta International Airport has launched the most ambitious and radial airport expansion program in the history of the nation’s aviation industry. The continual growth of passenger traffic at the airport has led it to undertake an estimated €100m ($108m) expansion, improving facilities both for passengers and for airlines using the airport.

MLA currently offers connections to over 100 destinations in more than 30 nations. Each year, the airport says it handles more than seven million passengers and has seen a continual increase in passenger traffic during the preceding years. In 2019, growth was pegged at 7.4% and new routes were added to 20 destinations.

Malta International Airport
The familiar facade of the international airport. Photo: Malta International Airport

Alan Borg, CEO of MLA commented on the expansion plans, saying,


“Having officially unveiled the Terminal Expansion Project to the public in January, we are now eager to kick-start the next phase of this ambitious project. The Terminal Expansion Project will equip us with the capacity to handle further traffic growth and enable us to offer a 5-star airport experience. This will be achieved through a combination of increased operational space, a superior F&B and retail offering, a stronger sense of place and the use of cutting-edge technologies.”

Inside the airport expansion

The internal expansion will elevate the floor space of the airport terminal from the current 18,000 sq.m to a capacious 31,200 sq.m. This will include improvements to the check-in hall, security and departure areas, and will include a significant uptick in available check-in facilities.

Malta International Airport
Designs for the new airport include expansion of the passenger terminal. Photo: Malta International Airport

Working with London based design agency The Design Solution, MLA wants to create an improved passenger experience both for departing and arriving passengers. The plans for the terminal bring together a more natural passenger journey through the terminal, with enhanced food and beverage offers both airside and landside.

The design of the airport aims to capture the spirit of the Maltese islands through the use of traditional patterns and materials that represent the sea and skies of Malta. Increased natural light will add to a sense of space, and new building management technologies will reduce the airport’s impact on the environment, making it fit for the future.

Malta International Airport
Both departures and arrivals will get a makeover. Photo: Malta International Airport

Improvements outside too

As well as improving the passenger offers on the inside of the terminal, facilities on the outside are being revamped too. The apron will undergo development, to increase capacity for aircraft, and a new hotel will be built to serve its passengers.

Graeme Johns, Director at The Design Solution, commented on the plans saying,

“The plan incorporates three main areas of expansion to the terminal, collectively enabling us to implement a change of image to the exterior appearance of the building that, carefully co-ordinated with our planning input, will help deliver a smarter flow and a new experience for the passenger. The axial nature of the original building was used to deliver an order to the main architectural elements, thus maintaining the airport’s twin wish to retain the architectural symmetry and design aesthetic of the building.”

The growth at Malta’s main airport is undoubtedly being stimulated by the arrival of Ryanair’s new Malta Air venture. Not to be confused with rival airline Air Malta, Malta Air was bought by Ryanair in June last year, and has seen the transfer of various aircraft and Ryanair bases to the new subsidiary.

What do you make of MLA’s expansion plans? Let us know in the comments.


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Hi You are using Miami’s airport code (MIA)… Malta’s is MLA


Malta’s airport code is MLA. MIA is Miami.


Isn't MIA the code for Miami International?


MIA is the code for Miami, using MIA will cause confusion.

Also your sites new mobile site is absolutely broken.

Mr M Serracino

It is about time to upgrade. I use the Malta International airport, quite a few times, every year. Hopefully, the new plans will incorporate, The Jet Shoots, like many airport, so people can be covered from the elements, when boarding or disembarking, from the planes.

charles sammut

This is a great idea. Hopefully it won’t take forever to complete as this would be detrimental to passengers. And hopefully the food and beverage prices will become more reasonable.

John falzon

I love it simply the best off malta


Fantastic 😍

Vincent Jones

Tragic mistake selling Malta Air to the parasite, O’Leary. easyJet was the airline to be encouraged to expand in Malta. Unfortunately, Ryanair is seen as a poisonous Airline by many disgruntled passengers and airline crew. As far as expanding the main international airport is concerned, this is a good move.… Read more »


Allowing Ryanair to expand…Big mistake. Passengers hate them. easyJet should have been invited to expand, much more passenger friendly.

Donna Gardner

Great news. Love Malta.

J. S.

MIA stands for Malta International Airport, the company that manages the airport. It has nothing to do with the MLT, which is used for flights by Airmalta.

Toni Culic

In 2019 I travelled 18 times to and from MLA. It’s been crowded all the time, especially when departing. The bottleneck is security check and the gates which are placed in a narrow space causing crowd. Consenquientlly, expansion is more than needed.


Yet general aviation and hobby pilots are treated like a major airline with exuberant fees


Oh Malta what are you trying to become having know you for60+yes you are now over crowded too many hotels and super airport as you are not Miami new York or Heathrow just be yourself

diana c

Maltese here. Do not correct MIA. MIA is the acronym for Malta International Airport. MLA is used when referring to our actual country Malta (like UK for the United Kingdom, or ES for Spain).


Hi, it’s MIA as it stands for Malta International Airport so you were correct 🙂


I hope that there will be some sort of high capacity public transit option to and from the airport from key destinations in Malta. Around the world, new and renovated airports are adding light rail connections from city centers to airports so that they are not entirely dependent on car… Read more »

John Vassallo

When is all this expansion suppose to begin?