Max Air Boeing 747 Comes Off Runway In Nigeria After Engine Failure

On September 7th, a Max Air Boeing 747-400 flying as flight NR2092 from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to Minna, Nigeria suffered an engine failure on approach to Minna. The crew continued its landing, however, according to the Aviation Herald, the aircraft went off the runway and came to a stop off there. The aircraft sustained minor damage in the incident but there were no passenger or crew injuries reported.

MAX AIr 747
According to Airfleets, Max Air has only one active 747. Photo: UR-SDV via Wikimedia Commons

Flight details

The flight was a Hajj flight, taking pilgrims home after their journey to Mecca. Approximately 550 people were on board. According to the Aviation Herald, the aircraft in question had registration 5N-DBK.

Nigeria’s Accident Investigation Board will open an investigation into the occurrence. This includes five on-site investigators. According to sources, the aircraft in question was still on the ground in Minna about 16 hours after landing.


About the aircraft

5N-DBK is listed as a Boeing 747-300. To be more specific, Airfleets lists it as a 32-year-old Boeing 747-346SR, which is currently listed as ‘stored’ on the database. As Hajj can often be a high-traffic season for a small portion of the year, it would make sense that the plane was taken out of storage specifically for this service. In fact, Malaysia Airlines had plans to do this with its Airbus A380s in the form of another sub-brand.


The aircraft involved served with Korean Air from the beginning of its life up until 10 years ago. Since 2009 the aircraft has been under the ownership of Max Air.

The aircraft was performing a Hajj flight from Saudi Arabia. Photo: Max Air

About Max Air

Max Air is described by Wikipedia as Nigeria’s longest serving international airline. Interestingly, the airline was established in 2008 and had its first commercial flight going from the Nigerian city of Kano to Riyadh, in Saudi Arabia. The airline’s early operations began with two Boeing 747s aircraft for Umrah and Hajj services. In fact, Mecca and Medina in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are the only two international destinations served by the airline.


Wikipedia lists eight Nigerian airports from which Max Air serves passengers. Its hub is the city of Kano, which is the capital city of the state of Kano.

This is how Max Air describes itself on its official website:

“Max Air Limited is a developed reputable, reliable and safety conscious airline with strong commitments to quality and affordable timely services. Our delivery is based on a single minded determination to become a force to be reckoned with among the best airlines in the world.”

The small Nigerian airline also operates three 737-300s. Photo: sm105 via Wikimedia Commons

There is conflicting information about the fleet size of this airline. According to Airfleets, the airline has four other aircraft listed as active. This consists of three 737-300s and a single Embraer 135.

One other domestic airline serving Nigeria is Air Peace, which has made news recently as one of their 737s lost both of its nose wheels. Neither airline has to compete with Nigeria Air, as its launch was suspended in September 2018 and all operations ceased earlier this year.


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MK Mnguni

With 550 passengers, this was a near disaster. Thankfully nobody was hurt. @32years,its a really old plane.


Abuja is the “capital city of the country”. Kano is the state capital of Kano State in North West Nigeria and is the 2nd largest city in the country.