Mesa Airlines Will Continue Flying CRJ900s For American Airlines

US regional carrier, Mesa Airlines, has finalized a new contract with American Airlines that will see it continue to fly CRJ900s on behalf of the powerhouse. The new agreement is a five-year agreement that replaces a previous one.

Mesa CRJ Getty
Mesa Airlines has renewed a CRJ900 flying agreement with American Airlines. Photo: Getty Images

The new agreement with American Airlines

Before Thanksgiving, Phoenix-based Mesa Airlines finalized a new contract with American Airlines, replacing an old contract set to expire.

The new contract will see Mesa Airlines operating 40 CRJ900s for a five-year term from January 1st, 2021, through December 31st, 2025. The agreement replaces a previous contract for 30 CRJ900s set to expire in 2021 and another 17 set to expire in 2022.

American Eagle Getty
Mesa will now fly 40 CRJ900s from January 1st onwards for American Airlines. Photo: Getty Images

Jonathan Ornstein, Chairman and CEO of Mesa Air Group, stated the following in a press release seen by Simple Flying:

“I want to express my appreciation to the American Eagle team leaders who worked with us on this new contract. This new contract will position Mesa for long term stability and improved performance on our American operation. This year has been difficult for our entire industry, but I’m thankful that despite the obstacles, American has chosen to continue its long-standing relationship with Mesa.”

American Eagle operations

American Airlines is known for its sprawling, 800+ aircraft fleet. However, none of its aircraft seat fewer than 100 passengers. This means the carrier has larger planes that might not be suited for some smaller cities. So, the carrier has agreements with other airlines to fly regionally under the American Eagle banner.

American Eagle operations are conducted entirely using regional aircraft. Carriers either fly CRJ700s, CRJ900s, ERJ140s, ERJ145s, or E175s. All of these aircraft have fewer than 80 seats. The smallest, the ERJ140, seats 44 passengers.

American Eagle
American’s regional brand of operations flies both CRJ700 and CRJ900s. Photo: Getty Images

In the ongoing crisis, regional jets are starting to fly to new destinations that previously saw mainline service. Mesa Airlines continues to fly for American – primarily out of Phoenix and Dallas to feed into American’s network. That feed is what enables American to fly plenty of other aircraft, not just around the United States, but even international operations.

More on Mesa Airlines

Mesa Airlines is a regional air carrier that flies to 101 cities in 39 states, Washington D.C., Canada, and Mexico on behalf of major US carriers. As of October 31st, 2020, the airline had a fleet of 146 aircraft.

Mesa Airlines operates passenger flights mostly under American Eagle and United Express (United’s regional arm). It also has cargo operations that are done on behalf of DHL as DHL Express.

According to Mesa Airlines, it has a fleet of Embraer E175 aircraft, CRJ900 jets, and Boeing 737-400F jets, the last of which only flies cargo missions. The airline used to fly Dash 8 aircraft.

This new agreement will keep Mesa flying CRJ900s for American, which will not jet help keep Mesa flying but also keep some mainline operations viable in American’s network.

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