Mexico’s Aeromar Expects Significant Network Growth In 2020

Aeromar, a small Mexican carrier, plans to grow 30% in passenger numbers for 2020. The airline will do this by expanding its fleet as well as its destinations offered. Let’s look at these plans a little more closely.

Aeromar expects a 30% passenger growth in 2020. Photo: Vmzp85 via Wikimedia

Six new routes

During an event held in Mexico City, Aeromar announced that in 2020 it will launch six new routes. This airline focuses more on small markets, a point-to-point carrier as you’ll see.

The routes Aeromar will launch are:

  • Villahermosa-Merida,
  • Merida-Tapachula,
  • Tapachula-Tuxtla,
  • Tuxtla-Oaxaca,
  • Oaxaca-Ixtepec,
  • and Mexico-Laredo.

All but the last one on the list are routes located in the southern part of Mexico.

With these six new routes, Aeromar expects to finally transport more than a million passengers a year. In 2019, the carrier served 800,000 passengers. This was a growth of 10% in comparison to the previous year.

Even so, Aeromar is still a ways away from the number of passengers held by the four top competitors in Mexico: Volaris, Aeromexico, Interjet, and Viva Aerobus. We’ve previously discussed which Mexican low-cost airline is the best.

Aeromar is still very much behind Volaris, Aeromexico, Interjet, and Viva Aerobus. Photo: via Wikimedia

An ATR-based fleet

Aeromar currently has a fleet of nine aircraft, according to FlightRadar. Two of these are ATR 42-600, with a capacity for 48 passengers each. The remaining are ATR 72-600 and have a capacity for 72 passengers. According to the airline, this year it will receive two new ATR aircraft.

This fleet is quite effective for the business model of the airline, which is to connect the smaller cities in the country. However, it is a seldom-discussed problem for Mexico City International Airport.

The main hub in Mexico is congested. It can no longer give away any slots in 2020. Therefore, the only way for it to grow in the number of passengers is by allowing bigger aircraft to arrive. This is why airlines like Aeromexico Connect are planning to substitute their smaller planes with bigger ones. Alternately, it has encouraged airlines such as Interjet to operate from other hubs like Toluca International Airport.  Then there’s Aeromar: with its fleet of small aircraft operating at this congested airport.

Finally, to end this article, let’s discuss Aeromar more indepth – an airline that was actually once connected with Avianca…

Avianca once considered acquiring Aeromar. Photo: Daniel Martínez Garbuno/Simple Flying

Who is Aeromar?

The airline was founded in 1987 and has always operated at Mexico City’s airport. It only has one international route, which is to McAllen, Texas. In total, it has 27 destinations within Mexico.

At the beginning of 2019, there were rumors that pointed to a near bankruptcy of the airline. For years prior, Aeromar was constantly linked to Avianca. German Efromovich, the former owner of the South American carrier, once said that he would invest in Aeromar. There was even a new name for the carrier: Avianca Mexico.

However, all of these rumors disappeared with the oust of Efromovich. Anko van der Werff, the new CEO of Avianca, said in October 2019 that acquiring Aeromar wasn’t a good idea because Avianca already had a codeshare agreement with Aeromexico.

Then, Avianca started to focus on its own ATR fleet with the launch of Avianca Express. All this lead Aeromar to embark on a new commercial strategy. The airline is approaching a more low-cost carrier model by putting up big discounts online every Tuesday.

It’s too soon to know if this strategy will benefit Aeromar. For now, let’s hope it does, and keep an eye on the situation.

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