More Unruly Passengers: Fight Breaks Out At Miami Check In Desks

In what seems to have become an increasingly common occurrence in recent times, footage of yet another fight at an airport has emerged on social media. The tussle took place earlier this week at Florida’s Miami International Airport (MIA). In this instance, the exact location of the conflict was landside, in front of check-in desks for American Airlines.

American Airlines Miami
Miami is a key hub for American Airlines. Photo: prayitnophotography via Flickr

The pre-flight fight

The video, uploaded by Twitter user Billy Corben, shows the two participants trading blows while a third seemingly attempts to intervene. As Live and Let’s Fly observes, the check-in counter in front of which the tussle took place wasn’t operational at the time of the incident. This is just as well, as the fracas eventually spilled into the baggage belt.

This meant that no staff members were caught up in the incident, which could otherwise have jeopardized their safety. It is unclear what caused the fight, or whether anyone else was involved, as the limited footage that has emerged doesn’t run from start to finish. Needless to say, it will have been a shocking thing for unexpecting passengers to come across.

A surprisingly peaceful ending?

The latter part of the footage shows the two participants calmly get down from the baggage belt, and step apart from each other. One of the men involved then even raises his hands, as if to offer a truce with his tenacious opponent. With that, the video ends.

Passengers Getty
The cause of the fight is presently unclear. Photo: Getty Images

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It would certainly be interesting to know what the aftermath of this incident entailed after the camera stopped rolling. Indeed, it is rather curious to have seen those involved in the fracas suddenly take on such a peaceful demeanor. In any case, Simple Flying reached out to Miami Airport for further information, and we will update this story accordingly.

The latest of several similar incidents

This incident is sadly not the first scuffle to have occurred in Miami this year. Indeed, April 2021 saw a brawl break out, reportedly over a flight’s remaining standby seats, at one of the airport’s gates. This contrasts to the most recent fight in having occurred airside.

Miami Airport
Another fight broke out at one of Miami’s gates in April. Photo: Matt Kieffer via Flickr

Across the Atlantic Ocean, Simple Flying has also recently reported on a mass tussle in London Luton Airport’s departure lounge. This broke out last month, and spilled across several rows of seats among waiting passengers. Some of these bystanders understandably moved away from the scene, while other more nonchalant onlookers remained seated.

Such fights are also not restricted to airport buildings, with some even having taken place in the air. These have involved airlines such as Dutch flag carrier KLM, and China’s Donghai Airlines. While the former incident involved passengers refusing to conform to face mask policy, the latter reportedly featured a conflict between crew members.

What do you make of this incident? Have you ever witnessed a similar occurrence on your travels? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments.