Michele Edwards Of WOW 2.0 Now Displays A Keen Interest In Alitalia


Following its acquisition of WOW air at the end of 2019, USAerospace Partners is eager to save the fate of Alitalia. The flag carrier of Italy has been struggling financially for several years and has been in administration since 2017. However, USAerospace chairman Michele Edwards is keen to turn things around for the operator.

Alitalia 777
WOW air 2.0 chairman Michele Edwards has big plans if her company gets its hands on Alitalia. Photo: Getty Images

A new approach

Corriere della Sera reports that USAerospace is planning a substantial investment in Alitalia and wants to operate a fleet larger than the airline’s current crop. The company also plans to have a hub for passenger flights and two for freight transport.

Moreover, it plans “fair, but not low cost” prices with a focus on families rather than business travelers. This decision is due to the impact that the coronavirus pandemic is expected to have on travel habits over the next few years. Altogether, the firm targets profits after only 30-36 months of being in control.

WOW air had also been struggling for several years before it ceased operations. Photo: Getty Images

On a mission

At the end of last year, USAerospace purchased WOW air and began drafting plans to launch services between the US and Iceland. It did not take long for the company to prepare possible routes and a new business strategy. On the back of the turn of events, the firm’s leader already has a plan in mind for Alitalia’s fleet.

According to a translation from Corriere della Sera, when asked about how an Alitalia managed by USAerospace would be operated with 120 aircraft, Edwards said the following:

“This is in the first three years and taking coronavirus into account, to then reach 150 fully operational in five years….we have no constraints…we will take the right planes for the right routes, making the fleet consistent…in order to cut costs, we need to have homogeneous fleets: for the medium-haul, we will go to stabilize ourselves on the planes”

Edwards is confident that USAerospace has the tools to bring Alitalia back stronger. She stated the following:


“In the hands of a group like ours with clear ideas, financial capacity, competence and allow me, ethics, Alitalia – for the market that is repositioning itself – can become an asset on which to focus in order to make it become one of the most important European and world airlines.”

The Airbus A320 of the Italian flag carrier
It has been a challenge to sort out the financial situation of Alitalia. Photo: Getty Images

A lot at stake

Macau Business reports that last month, the Italian government shared that it will inject €3 billion ($3.2 billion) into a new state-owned business to save the Alitalia. However, Edwards said she was open to the possibility of joining forces with the state and other investors to help with the restructuring.

Altogether, Edwards has already shown her intent on rejuvenating WOW after its operations stopped last year. USAerospace’s passion for saving struggling carriers could prove to be worthwhile in the long run.


Simple Flying reached out to Alitalia for comment. We will update the article with any further announcements.

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