Missing The Queen? You Can Soon Visit BA’s Landor Boeing 747

Paying guests in the United Kingdom will soon be able to get up close and personal with the Boeing 747. Earlier this year, British Airways’s Landor jet took a one-way trip to Dunsfold. While many of its sisters went to the scrap heap, Landon is one of four 747s that have been spared.

British Airways, Landor, Boeing 747
British Airways’ Landor Liveried retro Boeing 747 jet will soon open to the public. Photo: Mark Boyt & Ian Shaw via British Airways

Just under a year ago, British Airways shocked many by revealing that the Boeing 747 would not be returning to the skies. With all further flights canceled, many were unable to say goodbye to the Queen of the Skies. However, soon the Landor liveried Boeing 747 will open its doors for precisely this purpose.

Boeing 747 meet and greet

Threshold.aero bills itself as a company of aviation enthusiasts that works together to run enthusiast events. It seems that the group has hit the nail on the head with its latest offering. On June 26th, the company has organized two events to let people get up close and personal to the Landor Boeing 747.

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Firstly, an experience day will be held from midday until 17:00. Threshold will offer attendees the first opportunity to get on a British Airways Boeing 747 since the type’s retirement was revealed. Those visiting will be able to roam inside the aircraft, including a visit to the cockpit.

Meanwhile, outside attendees will get much closer to the aircraft than is usually permitted at an airport. Tickets are being sold for this experience for £25 on Threshold’s website.

British Airways, Landor, Boeing 747
Two events are being held to let people get up close and personal with the jet. Photo: Mark Boyt & Ian Shaw via British Airways

However, that’s not all that’s on offer. The group will offer another time slot between 18:00-22:00. While the first slot is more about experiencing the aircraft, the second slot has a different focus.

After the aircraft has been closed up for the night, it will turn into an outdoor photography studio, with attendees given the opportunity to catch the perfect sunset photo. Threshold.aero is charging slightly more for this later event, with tickets on sale for £40.

About the aircraft

The Landor Boeing 747 was one of three jumbo jets that received a special livery to celebrate 100 years of British Airways’ history. Registered as G-BNLY, it is the only aircraft out of BA’s three retro jets that now wears the livery it was delivered in. The aircraft was re-delivered in the Landor livery in March 2019.

The aircraft was withdrawn from use on March 23rd, 2020. A week later, the airline ferried it to Bournemouth, where it rested its wings at the height of the crisis before being transported to Cardiff in mid-June. On December 5th, it took its final flight, a one-way trip to Dunsfold, home to the Top Gear test track.

British Airways, Landor, Boeing 747
According to the organizers, it will be the first chance to board a British Airways 747 since the type was retired. Photo: Mark Boyt & Ian Shaw via British Airways

According to data from Planespotters.net, the aircraft is now 28.3 years old, having taken its first flight on January 25th, 1993. It was delivered to British Airways on February 10th of the same year and only flew for the British Flag carrier.

Are you keen to visit one of four preserved British Airways Boeing 747s? Let us know what you think and why in the comments!