Munich Airport Offers Every Arriving Passenger A Free COVID Test

Germany’s second busiest airport, Munich International Airport (MUC), has announced today that it will offer passengers arriving in Bavaria a free COVID-19 test. The test location is in Munich Airport Center’s Forum on Level 03.

Lufthansa, COVID-19 Tests, Frankfurt
Munich Airport is offering free COVID-19 tests for arriving passengers and paid tests for those departing. Photo: Lufthansa

According to the press release, no pre-registration is required for the test, which leads us to conclude that you just turn up and get tested. Passengers departing Munich International Airport will also be able to determine if they have been infected with the coronavirus for the sum of 190 euros ($223).

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Passengers should get results within four hours

The paid-for test is provided by a subsidiary of Flughafen München GmbH called Medicare and is located at the airport’s medical center (Terminal 1, Modul E, Level 03). Travelers taking the test on weekends and holidays can also expect to pay more than the 190€, but we have not been advised as to how much this might be.

Safety measures in place at Munich airport. Photo: Munich Airport

The test called a PCR (polymerize chain reaction) is done by taking a throat swab that is then sent off to a lab for testing. Providing that there is no higher than expected demand, the tests’ results should be delivered four hours after it was administered.

Munich Airport says it will be sent to you via email in German and English. Any results that come back positive will automatically be supplied to the German Federal Ministry of Health. Those who test negative will be issued with a certificate stating the date and time that the test was administered.

Departing passengers interested in being tested must call first

Any departing passenger interested in being tested for the coronavirus must first register by calling the airport’s emergency department on +49 89 975 633 99 or sending an email to the following address: 

Departing passengers will have to pay 190€ if they want to be tested for the coronavirus. Photo: Munich Airport

Please note that you cannot be tested if you are displaying any symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or have been in contact with a person who has tested positive for the virus. Passengers are kindly reminded not to telephone the above number for results of their tests but to wait for the lab’s email. This applies to both the free and paid tests.

Munich Airport is doing all it can to cope with COVID-19

Munich Airport was also keen to point out that it has taken several hygiene measures to ensure that its passengers can travel safely and relaxed in times of the coronavirus pandemic.

What do you think about the free COVID-19 tests on arrival? It hardly seems fair that passengers arriving in Germany can be tested for free, but those departing have to pay 190€ for the same test. Please tell us your thoughts in the comments.