Two Aircraft Suffer Tire Damage On Departure From Munich

Two aircraft suffered damaged tires departing from Munich today. A Condor Boeing 757 and a TUI Boeing 737 were affected by the incident, which led to two runway closures.

Munich Airport, Burst Tire, Boeing 757
Two aircraft sustained tire issues departing from Munich Airport. Photo: Oliver Holzbauer via Flickr

Two runways were today closed for a period of time after two aircraft sustained tire damage departing from Munich Airport. Thankfully, both aircraft made it to their destination unscathed, however, one did end up blocking a runway in Palma de Mallorca for a period of time. After around two hours, the Spanish Island’s runway was able to reopen as the Boeing 757 was moved away. Thankfully nobody was required to dump fuel in this instance.

Condor flight 1508

The first aircraft involved in the Munich tire incident was a Condor Boeing 757 flying from Munich to Palma De Mallorca. The Aviation Herald reports that after departure from Munich the crew of Condor flight 1508 was informed that tire debris was found on the departure runway at Munich (26L). It was not possible to tie the debris to the aircraft at this time, and as such, the flight proceeded on to Palma de Mallorca.

After around two hours in the air, the flight touched down in Palma de Mallorca, where a tire burst on landing. This meant that two tires on the left main gear had ruptured. As a result, it was necessary to close the runway (06L) for around two hours. This led to flights to the popular Spanish island to have to enter lengthy holding patterns.

Boeing 757, Tire Burst, Munich Airport
The two flights affected by tire rupture. Image: GCMaps

TUIfly Boeing 737-800

However, Condor was not alone in having trouble departing from Munich. In fact, just two minutes later, a Boeing 737-800 belonging to TUIfly also suffered a tire problem on departure. The flight crew notified the Air Traffic Controllers who then closed the Munich runway while the situation was investigated, according to The Aviation Herald.

The TUIfly Boeing 737 carried on flying for another 1-hour and 50-minutes before landing in Corfu. Thankfully, in this case, the aircraft was able to make its way off of the runway, meaning that it did not become blocked.

Boeing 757, Munich Airport, Tire Damage
A TUIfly Boeing 737 also had a tire incident on the same runway just two minutes later. Photo :
Author: tjdarmstadt via Wikimedia

Munich runway was closed

As a result of the back to back incidents, the runway was closed as a matter of priority. The aim of this was to allow crews to inspect the runway to stop other aircraft from suffering from burst tires.

Thankfully, it seems as though this incident was well contained. While we don’t have an official statement on what happened in Munich, other flights have since taken off without incident. As far as we could tell at the time of writing, nobody was injured in either of the out of the ordinary landings.

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