Nepal Airlines Desperate To Sell 31 Year Old Boeing 757

Nepal Airlines has been looking to sell its last Boeing 757 for a while. After two previous failed attempts, the airline has now nearly halved its previous asking price to $4.25 million in a last-ditch effort to attract a buyer.

Nepal Airlines' Boeing 757-200M registered 9N-ACB
Nepal Airlines’ last Boeing 757. Photo: Toby Lam via Flickr

CH-Aviation reported yesterday on a fresh attempt by Nepal’s flag carrier to get rid of its last Boeing 757. Nepal Airlines has tried and failed twice before to sell the 31.4-year-old aircraft, registered 9N-ACB. At the last time of asking, back in June, Nepal Airlines posted the aircraft for auction with a minimum bid of $7.68 million.

While the aircraft didn’t sell, it did receive two bids. However, both bids were disqualified – the first because the bidding company wasn’t named, and the second because it was beneath the minimum bid. Now Nepal Airlines is looking for just $4.25 million to sell the aircraft.

What’s on offer?

The airframe isn’t the only thing bidders can look forward to receiving if they win the auction. The package also contains the aircraft’s two engines, both of which are Rolls-Royce RB211-535E4s, as well as 500 spare parts, in case anything goes wrong.

Individually the engines have accumulated 26,841 cycles/76,124 hours and 21,101 cycles/61,178 hours. The airframe itself has racked up 30,535 cycles/89,462 hours. Additionally, more than 100 tools will come with the aircraft, good news for any airlines struggling with funds at the moment.

The Boeing 757-200M
The aircraft can work as both a passenger- and cargo-freighter at the same time. Photo: Aero Icarus via Flickr

Not just any Boeing 757

While Boeing 757s are a breed on their way out, Nepal Airlines’ final example isn’t just any old Boeing 757. In fact, it’s a special, one-of-a-kind model called the Boeing 757-200M. Nepal Airlines, or Royal Nepal Airlines as it used to be known, has owned the aircraft since it was brand new.

It received the aircraft from Boeing back in 1988, becoming the only customer to order the Boeing 757-200M.

This unique Boeing 757 offered a mixed cargo/passenger layout. It was capable of carrying two to four cargo pallets in its main cargo deck, situated at the front of the aircraft. It could then also carry 123 to 148 passengers as normal in the seated part of the fuselage, towards the rear.

This unusual layout was chosen by Nepal Airlines as it needed an aircraft that was capable of carrying passengers, as well as larger supplies, in and out of Tribhuvan International Airport, which is situated at 4,400 feet/1,300 meters above sea level.

The cargo area of the Boeing 757-200M is accessed by a large cargo door at the front of the aircraft, which is clearly visible on photos.

The Boeing 757-200M
The wide cargo door is clearly visible at the front of the aircraft. Photo: Ken Fielding via Flickr

Will the aircraft sell?

Given the uniqueness of 9N-ACB, you’d expect the aircraft would attract some attention from buyers. It has been stored at Kathmandu Airport since October 2018, so time is of the essence when it comes to finding a buyer.

If a buyer cannot be found at the new asking price of $4.25 million, it’s likely the aircraft will simply end up being scrapped – a sad fate for such an interesting one-of-a-kind.