The Netherlands Will Require All US Travelers To Quarantine

Tomorrow will see the Netherlands introduce stricter restrictions concerning inbound US passengers. The new regulations will mean that travelers from several countries, including the US, will have to quarantine upon arrival, regardless of their vaccination status. Next week, such arrivals will also have to provide a negative COVID-19 test to enter the country.

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The move comes after the EU advised its 27 member states to block non-essential travel from the US. Photo: Getty Images

Quarantine for vaccinated US arrivals

The Dutch government announced this morning that it would be making changes to its coronavirus-based entry restrictions. These will concern countries that it deems to be high-risk or very high-risk. Among these, one of the most notable inclusions is the US. Earlier this week, the EU advised against non-essential travel from there to its member states.

While the EU’s recommendations were non-binding, the Netherlands has been quick to act upon them. It is perhaps unsurprising given rising case numbers in the US. Furthermore, such a move was reportedly under consideration as early as mid-August. The EU had lifted its ban on non-essential from the US back in June this year. The new rules dictate that:

Travellers from [very high-risk] areas can only enter the Netherlands if they are fully vaccinated, or fall under one of the exemption categories for the EU entry ban. As of September 4th, 9:00 am, they will also be required to comply with the mandatory quarantine requirement.”

KLM Boeing 737s Amsterdam
The Dutch government has reclassified EU and non-EU countries. Photo: Jake Hardiman | Simple Flying

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Testing requirements to follow

This will come as a blow to vaccinated Americans hoping to visit the Netherlands. They can exit quarantine on the fifth day with a negative coronavirus test, but even a five-day isolation period will likely be offputting for many. On the subject of testing, September 6th will also see further legislation introduced for the US and its fellow ‘very high-risk’ countries.

These new rules will come into effect at 09:00 local time on the 6th. They dictate that fully vaccinated, quarantine-bound arrivals will also have to provide evidence of a negative test to travel to the Netherlands. Specifically, the Dutch government explains:

Travelers from [very high-risk] areas must also show a negative test result. Proof of recovery or vaccination will no longer be sufficient.”

United B777
United Airlines has contacted Netherlands-bound passengers to remind them of the new rules. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

Other countries affected

The US is not the only country to have been the subject of the Dutch government’s recent rule changes. Within the EU, it has reclassified Germany and Hungary as high-risk areas. This means that, as of September 6th, German and Hungarian arrivals will need to provide evidence of either vaccination or a negative test to enter the Netherlands.

Outside the EU, the Netherlands has reclassified Israel, Kosovo, Montenegro, and North Macedonia as very high-risk areas alongside the US. Inbound passengers from these countries will be subjected to the same restrictions as American travelers. Lebanon has been designated as high-risk, with the same requirements as Germany and Hungary.

What do you make of this change of regulations in the Netherlands? Will it affect your upcoming travel plans? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.