New Airlines To Watch 2019

Every year airlines are launched, and airlines cease operations. Here are Simple Flying’s top 5 airlines to watch in 2019!


Level Water Canon Salute
Level is a subsidiary of IAG. Photo: Level

Level is a newly formed descendant of Iberia and British Airways. Both airlines owned by IAG. The airline has recently started flights to and from Vienna. Level is competing with Norwegian by offering cheap transatlantic flights. While New York to Paris is advertised for only $149, San Francisco to Barcelona is only $160. Level operates “one of the world’s most popular and reliable long-haul aircraft” the A330-200. Also, similarly to Norwegian, the airline only offers economy and premium economy seating.


Joon A340 Livery
Joon currently operate A320 and A340 series aircraft. Image: Joon

Joon is Air France’s new low cost carrier. While the airline operates 15 aircraft, routes originate in Paris and fly to 17 destinations. Both long and short haul destinations are served, from Berlin to Mumbai. Joon’s target market is “young millennials”, with Joon sounding like the French word Jeune meaning young. While there are plans for the airline to replace some Air France routes, the airline recently announced that it was suspending flights to Tehran in line with KLM and British Airways.

Air Italy

Air Italy B737
Air Italy shows off one of its B737s at Farnborough Airshow. Photo: Air Italy

Air Italy commenced operations in March, and is now Italy’s second largest carrier behind Alitalia. The airline operates to 34 destinations, with its fleet of 13 planes including brand new B737 MAX 8 aircraft. Air Italy will have a fleet of 50 new aircraft in operation by 2022, meaning that the older aircraft it is currently operating will be replaced. The airline is currently operating ex Meridiana aircraft, and subleasing aircraft from Qatar Airways. While the airline operates long haul flights across the world from Accra to Zanzibar, it also operates a number of short haul flights. This includes 13 domestic destinations.

Primera Air

Primera Air B737
Primera Air operates the B737 for European flights and the A321NEO for Transatlantic flights. Image: Primera Air

While not entirely new, Primera Air is certainly one to watch. The airline based in Riga, Latvia, offers flights both within Europe, and across the Atlantic. Primera has a number of bases across Europe, however, it recently suspended all flights to and from Birmingham. These changes come into effect tomorrow. Interestingly, the airline which is based in Latvia, has a Danish operating certificate and Icelandic owners. Despite the Birmingham closure, the airline has significant growth planned with 22 more aircraft on order, bringing its total fleet size to 34.


Ethiopian B787
Ethiopian has 22 B787 aircraft in service, with a further 5 on order. Image: Boeing

Ethiopian is another airline that isn’t new in its own sense, however, it is currently in the process of launching new national airlines. National airlines will be launched for countries such as Chad and Zambia as part of Ethiopian’s 15 year growth plan. The flag carrier of Ethiopia is quickly becoming a driving force behind the African aviation scene, operating Africa’s biggest cargo fleet. With plans to acquire a further 65 aircraft, the carrier isn’t stopping where it is at.