The New British Airways Club World Seats Will Be Fitted To All Aircraft By 2023

It seems that many airlines have chosen this year to announce an overhaul of their premium cabins.

From Delta revealing their new range of business class suites to Lufthansa’s exciting new business class cabins on their new 777X.

Recently we made a list of the top five business class seats we can’t wait to experience, which the new British Airways Club World seats were featured prominently. Now we can now reveal that they will be across all jets in the British Airways fleet by 2023.

Club world seats
British Airways will be retiring their 747s over the next few years, with replacement A350s.

What are the new seats like?

The new BA Club World seats have not been revealed yet, but only hinted at by the CEO of British Airways.

Some of the rumored features would be:

  • Direct aisle access
  • Gate to Gate entertainment (In the current Club World seats, the entertainment screens are not accessible during takeoff and landing).
  • Privacy (Perhaps with a sliding door).
  • Increased stowage to keep personal items close by.
  • Quilted leather seats to match the seating in first class.

The New British Airways Club World Seats Will Be Fitted To All Aircraft By 2023

The seats are currently undergoing design and mockups, with focus groups trying out the seats.

What will the new seats look like?

Back in 2014, British Airways patented a unique looking seat design that looked like a cross between a lounge and a bed.

British Airways Club World Seat 2014
Images from the original British Airways patent. Featuring a lopsided couch design that is reminiscent of a day bed.

However, the seat was not picked up and we are not sure what happened to the designs.

British Airways
The seat would be private, allow direct access to the aisle and 6 foot fully flat bed.

Or perhaps they will follow Qatar, Finnair and others and use a more establish seat design.

Club world seats
An already established business class seat on a Finnair A350

But as we know they will be focusing on more privacy we assume the design will be heavily modified.

The Singapore A350 Business Class Seat

When we will see these new seats?

The new seats will be revealed in July 2019 when it arrives on British Airways new Airbus A350. British Airways ordered these planes to replace their aging fleet of 747’s (Although they are retaining five to serve through to 2020). The seats will be featured on six planes before the end of next year then rolled out throughout the fleet by 2023.

The seat map of the current Clubworld on board an A380.

In a surprise move, British Airways will not be including a first class on board their A350s. This has lead to speculation that their business class offering will really be something.

Of course, on the other hand, they did say “Grow seat count via competitive configuration” which has one industry commentator suggest it means “we’re going to cram you poor sods even worse than before with less pitch and width”.

What do you think? Are you excited to find out what the new British Airways seat will be like?