New York JFK’s Terminal 4 To Undergo $3.8 Billion Refurbishment

New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport is a major hub for Delta Air Lines. Right now, Delta’s operations there are split across two different terminals. However, JFK’s Terminal 4 is about to get a huge refurbishment that will allow Delta to consolidate operations in one terminal.

JFK Terminal 4 New
JFK’s Terminal 4 will undergo a huge refurbishment project. Photo: JFKIAT

Refurbishment of JFK’s Terminal 4

Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, announced a new $3.8 billion refurbishment program for Terminal 4 in partnership with Delta Air Lines and JFK International Air Terminal– Terminal 4’s operator. As part of this refurbishment, the terminal will see a renovated arrivals and departure hall, upgraded roadways outside the terminal, and a renovation of the existing concourse to add new retail and food options. It will also upgrade the gate areas and introduce self-service bag checks. The big kicker, however, is that Delta Air Lines will get another 16 gates at JFK International Airport at which the airline can consolidate operations.

Delta planes at JFK
Delta Air Lines will consolidate operations at JFK Terminal 4. Photo: Getty Images

In total, more than 500,000 square feet, or about 46,500 square meters will be added to Terminal 4’s footprint. This will add 16 new gates for narrowbody aircraft. For passengers, this will mean additional concessions, retail outlets, restrooms, and expanded seating areas.

As the aviation world reckons with climate change, this new redevelopment project will also include energy efficiency upgrades including the use of energy-saving equipment and lighting, rainwater capture for reuse, and charging stations for electric ground service equipment. Lastly, the new move will also have a deicing recovery system that will capture spent deicing fluid.

Deicing Delta
The new redevelopment project will include a deicing recovery system to capture spent deicing fluid. Photo: Getty Images

What this means for Delta Air Lines

This is a huge boon for Delta as it seeks to improve its footprint in New York. Overall, Delta will gain five new gates as part of this expansion. The 58-year-old 11-gate Terminal 2 will be demolished. However, the 16 new gates will do more than enough for Delta to consolidate operations. And, in the future, continue to grow at JFK.

Delta JFK
Delta Air Lines will get five new gates as part of the redevelopment. Photo: Getty Images

There will also be a new Delta Sky Club in Concourse A. Currently, Delta has a Sky Club in Concourse B with a Sky Deck. In addition, the Sky Club also has a large number of seating areas and recently underwent a major renovation.

SkyClub JFK Observation Deck
The Sky Deck at JFK-Terminal 4. Photo: Jay Singh

Most importantly, this will give Delta a boon for offering connections. Currently, operations on Delta are split across two different terminals. By offering connections within one terminal, Delta can reduce the headaches of transiting in New York-JFK. However, this consolidation will not be complete until 2023.


This is a major win for passengers. A renovated concourse will be more environmentally-friendly and provide easier connection opportunities. In addition, Delta will get new gates from which the airline can expand its global footprint out of New York. And, for Delta’s partners that also operate out of Terminal 4, this move will also improve connectivity on a global scale.

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