Announcement: New YouTube Channel Launch

Today Simple Flying is proud to announce the launch of our second YouTube channel.

The new channel is called: Long Haul by Simple Flying 

Long Haul by Simple Flying is a place for new long-form videos focusing on commercial aviation. A new video will be uploaded every Tuesday.

You can watch our first video on the channel here:

Subscribe to our new YouTube channel:

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What will happen to your current channel? 

This channel will be run in conjunction with the main Simple Flying channel. On our main channel, we will still upload new daily videos.

Why a second channel?

Our main channel where we upload daily only has short-form content that is 3-4 minutes long. This new channel has been created in order for us to create some more in-depth videos which are 10-20 minutes long.

Are the videos free to watch? 


A new brand:

Announcement: New YouTube Channel Launch

Long Haul by Simple Flying will have a dark version of our well known light blue logo.

Thanks for your support:

We would like to thank our readers for the continued support, and we hope you like our new channel!