Canada’s Nolinor Installs Lightweight Seats On Boeing 737-400s

Canadian charter carrier Nolinor is installing the world’s lightest seats on the three Boeing 737-400s it acquired in May. Opting for the TiSeat E2 made by French manufacturer Expliseat means a reduction in the weight of each aircraft of 1.1 tons.

Nolinor chooses TiSeat e2 for 737-400
Nolinor has chosen the TiSeat E2 for its three 737-400 (not pictured). Photo: Adrian Pingstone via Wikimedia Commons

Improving performance

Bucking the nearly all-encompassing trend of downsizing, Montreal-based charter airline Nolinor acquired three Boeing 737-400s last month. The airline will be outfitting its new acquisitions with TiSeat E2 seats, produced by French manufacturer Expliseat.

The product, which is claimed to be the lightest on the market, has won several awards and will save Nolinor 1.1 tons per aircraft. Nolinor’s 737-400 refurbished cabins will seat 158 passengers in economy configuration.

“For our new fleet of Boeing 737-400, we needed to give a fresh look to the interior of our aircraft while also improving performance. The solution put forward by Expliseat is perfect for us,” Marco Prud’Homme, president of Nolinor Aviation, said, according to Inflight Magazine.

“Our market shares in Canada are rapidly growing, with more than 3,000 TiSeat models flying on Dash 8, ATR and Boeing 737 aircraft,” said Benjamin Saada, CEO of Expliseat as reported by the same source.

We are delighted to have Nolinor flying with our seats on the Boeing 737 aircraft. It demonstrates how our lightweight technology is a key asset for Airlines in Canada to improve their operations while decreasing their CO2 emissions,” he continued.

TiSeat E2 by Expliseat
Nolinor’s new seats will save the carrier 1.1 tons per aircraft. Photo: Expliseat

The “disruptive seating solution”

The TiSeat, marketed as the “disruptive seating solution in the aeronautic industry,” is made of titanium and carbon-reinforced composites. The manufacturer says that it is up to 40% lighter than other certified seats in the market. The Nolinor E2 version is equipped with a 4.5-inch recline, and foam combinations for flights up to seven hours.

Some airlines that have opted for Expliseat’s lightweight offerings are, among others, United Express, Cebu Pacific, Air Tahiti, CalmAir, and FlyCAA.

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Modernizing the fleet

Nolinor intends to operate the 737-400s nonstop to destinations such as the Caribbean, and it will be the only airline in Quebec offering this type of aircraft.

“The Boeing 737-400 is a major addition to our fleet. It’s a way to modernize our services and improve energy efficiency. When the crisis is over, Nolinor Aviation will be in a favorable position at the starting line,” said Mr Prud’Homme in a statement seen by Simple Flying announcing the additions.

The weight savings will allow for extra payload. Photo: Nolinor

Additional cargo, longer flights

The airline says that the weight saving the TiSeat offers allows it to modernize its fleet while increasing competitiveness. The 1.1 tons of extra wiggle room can generate extra payload by transporting additional cargo or unlock more range.

Of course, less weight means less fuel, which should be positive from an environmental perspective. However, at least two of the three 737-400s acquired by Nolinor are around 30 years old, according to data from Planespotters. So while it is modernizing in a sense, the relative fuel-saving of lighter seats compared to investing in newer planes may not be all that significant.

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