Canada’s Nolinor Is Gearing Up To Launch A New Brand

A mysterious Twitter post from Canadian airline Nolinor has surfaced announcing a “new division, new brand, with a new livery.” The post was published on July 4th, leaving many to wonder what the airline has planned. Based outside of Montreal, Quebec, Nolinor is a charter airline with 200 employees, operating charter and cargo services, mainly in the US and Canada.

Nolinor has an all-737 fleet. Photo: Nolinor

The mysterious Twitter post

The July 4th post, embedded below, comes from Nolinor Aviation’s official Twitter account and gives us a cropped image of an aircraft with a black tail with some red graphics.

Although the photo is cut-off, we can see that the aircraft registration is likely C-GGWX. The fact that this registration belongs to a Nolinor aircraft gives us some confirmation as well. C-GGWX, according to Planespotters, is a Boeing 737-400. The aircraft is over 30 years old an previously belonged to budget Canadian carrier Flair Airlines. However, it was delivered to Nolinor Aviation in June 2020.

What could it be?

At this point it’s rather difficult to know exactly what Nolinor Aviation has planned. However, the fact that the aircraft once belonged to Flair Airlines indicates that it is likely still a passenger aircraft – leading us to believe that a new passenger airline might just be on the horizon.

Up until now, Nolinor has only flown passengers via charter services. This is what the airline has to say about this offering:

“In our eyes, every client is unique, and each flight is an opportunity for an unforgettable experience. Whether you are chartering a cargo plane, a passenger jet or a combined flight, our ground and air crews’ expertise guarantees quick and efficient travel. Thanks to our staff’s availability, you can charter a plane at any time of the day or night. In fact, we will offer you the most efficient solution for every one of your trips.”

Nolinor B737-200C
Nolinor’s older 737s come with gravel strip kits and can land on unpaved surfaces. Photo: Jean-Philippe Richard via Wikimedia

Who is Nolinor Aviation?

Founded in 1992, Nolinor operates an all Boeing 737 fleet of 10 aircraft, nine of which are 737-200s. These historical aircraft have an average age of 40 years old, with the oldest sitting at an impressive 46 years of age! The company first focused on passenger transport between Dorval and Schefferville on a Convair 580 aircraft.

The airline offers air service to all regions of Québec and across Canada, the United States and multiple other destinations around the world. The airline says this includes “remote regions where gravel and ice runways are the norm.”

The airline’s profile was raised this past Spring when the Canadian Government chartered its services to repatriate Canadians stranded in Morocco due to the immediate aftermath of the global health crisis. A Boeing 737-200 headed Casablanca in Morocco via Shannon, Ireland.

What do you think this new division of Nolinor Aviation is all about? Will it be another charter airline? Or might we expect to see regularly scheduled passenger services? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.