Norse Atlantic Airways Begins Hiring Boeing 787 Cabin Crew

Upcoming transatlantic carrier Norse Atlantic Airways has begun hiring cabin crew for the Boeing 787. The airline is looking to hire crew with former long-haul experience to jumpstart operations once it receives approvals. Considering Norwegian’s decision to close its long-haul subsidiaries, Norse will likely find experienced crew available right now.

Boeing 787
Norse is taking the first steps towards starting flights later this year. Photo: Boeing

Setting up

Norse Atlantic Airways is an upcoming low-cost, long-haul airline backed by Norwegian Air founder Bjørn Kjos. The airline has ambitious plans to fill the huge gap in the market left by Norwegian’s decision to exit long-haul routes earlier this year.

The carrier plans to operate a fleet of Boeing 787s, potentially many of those that were previously operated by Norwegian. According to a report from Dagens Naeringsliv, the carrier managed to lease the aircraft for “around half the [usual] price,” likely since they were grounded and demand for widebodies remains low.

Norwegian B787
Norse has leased 12 of Norwegian’s returned Dreamliners at a very favorable rate. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

The carrier has already signed letters of intent for nine aircraft and plans to do so for three more soon. With leadership, funding, and a fleet now secured, Norse is looking toward the next step: hiring crew members.

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According to a listing on OSM Aviation, the airline is looking to hire cabin crew trained on the Boeing 787. The start date for flights is listed as “fall of 2021”, giving recruits a few months to adjust and plan for the services. It’s currently unclear how many crew members Norse is looking to hire at this time.

Notably, the listing also states that “previous long-haul experience will be an advantage,” opening the door to hundreds of former Norwegian Long Haul crew to apply. Expect a lot of competition for the limited number of positions currently available.

Norwegian Crew
Norse could be looking to hire former long-haul crew members from Norwegian Air. Photo: Norwegian Air

Norse is also looking for pilots and flight crew for its operations. While all pilots may apply, the listing states that pilots type rated on Boeing 777 and 787 will be preferred. After a year of furloughs and layoffs, Norse will likely find itself flooded with applicants for the job. The link for the application can be found here.

Is there a market?

While we are certainly excited to see cheap flights across the Atlantic once again, the history of low-cost long-haul airlines has been harsh. However, founder and CEO Bjørn Tore Larsen struck an optimistic tone, saying,

We now have a historic opportunity to build a new airline from the start. When the world reopens, there will be a need for an innovative low-cost carrier in the intercontinental market. A company that focuses on more environmentally friendly aircraft with lower fuel consumption.”

Norwegian B787
Norwegian leaves behind a legacy of 74 long-haul routes to the US, giving Norse a clear opening. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

While there could be doubts about Norse’s profitability, it’s undoubtable that a market exists. The airline is planning bases in London Gatwick and Paris, possibly also in Oslo and Stockholm, to fly to cities like New York and Los Angeles in the US. Keep an eye out for more jobs and potential flight dates in the coming months!

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