Norwegian 737 MAX Still Stuck In Iran

A while back, a Norwegian 737 MAX was flying from Dubai to Oslo. The very new plane suffered an engine problem and was forced to divert… Shiraz, Iran.

The plane made a pitstop in Iran.

What Happened to the Passengers?

Norwegian got the stranded passengers to Oslo after sending a replacement aircraft.

Norwegian sent a relief aircraft to Shiraz

A statement released by Norwegian indicated that the passengers were taken care of and accommodated while the replacement aircraft was being sent to Iran.


What Happened to the Plane?

The plane hasn’t operated any flights since the diversion. And according to various flight tracking websites, the 737 MAX is still in Iran.

The plane on the tarmac in Iran

Norwegian also sent a crew of engineers and maintenance personnel to Iran with the reliever aircraft. However, it looks like the plane was not able to be fixed with the materials they had at the time.

Iranian planespotters also noted that the 737 MAX was still on the ground in Shiraz.


What’s Next?

As of now, it seems like the plane is going to need a new engine. Due to various sanctions on Iran (and the holiday season), the bureaucratic process is expected to take some time.

Flydubai operates thrice weekly flights to Shiraz from Dubai on a 737. Turkish Airlines also operates nonstop 737s from Istanbul to Shiraz. It would be interesting to see how Turkish or Flydubai would handle sourcing a new engine for their plane in a situation like this.

This is another headache for Norwegian as they undergo some restructuring to avoid collapse.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!


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Thomas Furlong

To save face the engine manufacturer should send a new engine and personnel to install.


Pull it off the Ops Spec, declare it experimental & pay a couple of cowboys to hop it back to Dubai. With a long enough runway and light fuel it will take off & fly just fine on 1 engine. Then no need to deal with Iranian sanctions. Although I expect after the new year they will get permission to bring in a new engine, quick swap & away they go.


That US sanctions just hurt ordinary people, It does not change Iran foreign… .


when you see trouble any where in the world, you can find yanks there.


Another 737 MAX another major problem. Kind of like Boeing were less interested in making sure about a problem-free aircraft than meeting the deadline.

Michael Marsh

People/companies/countries trading with Iran deserve what they get. Iran is the leading exporter of terrorism and violence in the world. It’s on John Kerry and Barack Obama when an Iranian weapon of mass destruction hits Tel Aviv or New York City.

Mad Max

The leading exporter of Islamic terror is Saudi Arabia – the biggest supporter of Saudi Arabia is individual 1 aka potus. By boycotting Iran in the stupid us way you just make them more enemy to the western world. China is the laughing third anyway.


It’s not, but it is a horrible regime.

The other problem is that PAX having been in Iran are now ineligible for the ESTA visa waiver which will make their lives hell forever.


2. You don’t seriously believe Norwegian deserves this? They don’t even fly to Iran. This was an emergency landing. They had no choice.


To have a problem or defect on aircraft is normal, but the aircraft to stay up to date is a problem. Let engineers and engine manufacturers plus Boeing do their work ASAP.